not all items from the dataset are being shown are the bar chart

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I have a bar chart with 11 items in the dataset but only 6 of them are being shown on the barchart.  Why?

this is the barchart
this is the data

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That's strange. Did you create that report yourself, or are you updating the report of someone else?
There are a few reasons I can think of.
1. The query you use to test does not use the same database and/or logon as the report
2. There is a filter on the Dataset in the report
3. There is a filter on the Chart (looks like a pie to me, not a bar)

When you add new table to the report based on the same dataset. Are all the records shown in the table. If not it's probably 1. or 2.
If all the records are shown in the table you can create a new chart based on the same recordset. That chart should show all the items and then you know it must be one of the properties of the chart.
Can you upload the report here so we can see if we can reproduce the problem?


I had done a copy and paste from a pie chart i used with a different report and then changed the dataset. The reason i did this was because the needed to look exactly the same.  Juts for a test i started with a new chart and it worked correctly.  Thanks for your suggestions.



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