Best choice for a Corporate Mobile device


We are currently running BES 5.x with about 5,000 mobile devices globally. We are deciding what to do in terms of migrating off this old platform.

1. BES 12 with BB10 devices

2. Samsung with MDM vendor (e.g. Airwatch, Good)

3. iPhone with MDM vendor

Key pieces for us would be security, being able to lock down the device and so on. Does anyone have any pointers to help me research?
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
I have been through this so many times with clients.
The first thing I always tell them is to look at what business Apps need to be on the device. Basically what are they actually using the devices for.
If it is just email, maybe intranet, calendar and contacts, then that opens you to everything.
However if there are some specific apps (and I don't mean Netflix etc) then the operation of those will narrow your choice somewhat.

A good example of this is a recent deployment I did, which involved a custom app provided by the vendor of their finance software. It only ran on Android, so iPhone was completely out of the picture.
We did manage to get it running on Blackberry OS 10, but the vendor wouldn't support it.

I also wouldn't be too concerned with a single solution. Different users have different needs, so it can be quite easy to support one or two different devices. I have lots of sites that support three or four (usually Android phone, Android tablet, Blackberry OS 10 and iPhone). All run through the same MDM.

Saying that, the iPhone I don't think is a good choice. Again I can point to two different clients who deployed the iPhone due to end user demand and then withdrew them within months. Both for the same reason - their bills for service tripled. They also had problems with the iPhone and their email platform and they generally caused grief. Of course the end users loved them, but they were not picking up the support and service costs.

If you want complete lock down, then I would be looking at BES 12.2 with Samsung Knox and/or Blackberry 10.
If you have users who want a larger screen, then Blackberry 10 with Blend on a tablet works very well and is unmatched by anyone else. Clients have told me that combination has made a huge difference to their working practises, as it gives them complete access to the internal network from a tablet, in a secure manner.

As always though - evaluate, evaluate and more evaluation. Don't go on reputation. Many will write of the Blackberry OS 10 for example, but get it in your hands. Don't just go by what the IT media like to say - they are very capable devices. The MDM is very good.


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