How to find and delete contents of C drive

I'm reinstalling Win XP in my other computer and I need to use C drive to unzip drivers.
C drive is only 100 MB in size, so I have to periodically move the unzipped files to
drive D in order to accommodate the next drivers.  For some reason, when I click on
C drive properties, it indicates that there is only 35 MB of free space available.  When
I open the folder, there are no files visible.
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
It would appear that this drive was used for a previous windows installation and will have hidden and system files on it.. i.e. the windows BCD boot information.

Why don't you just start with a clean drive?
from a command prompt
list disk
select disk X   (replace X with the disk # determined from list disk)
clean (this wipes the partition table)
create par primary  (creates a primary partition)
list vol
select vol   X  (replace X with the volume you got from above)
you better unzip the drivers on another PC, or to an USB stick, or disk
that seems a lot easier than the method you'rte trying to use (100 MB is really not enough space for that)

when i do a fresh install - i start by deleting ALL partitions
GlenAJAuthor Commented:
nobus - The problem is that there is no choice as to where to unzip folders - otherwise
I would unzip them directly to D drive.  They MUST go to C drive first.  The other computer
is not available now.

David - I really don't know how to proceed on the command prompt.  See Attachment.
It would be nice though, to get rid of C drive,and rename D to C drive.  

I downloaded WinRAR and was successful.  in extracting directly to D drive.

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GlenAJAuthor Commented:
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
I already gave you all of the commands to use
list disk
select disk X   (replace X with the disk # determined from list disk)
clean (this wipes the partition table)
create par primary  (creates a primary partition)
list vol
select vol   X  (replace X with the volume you got from above)
read and follow the instructions
>>  They MUST go to C drive first  <<  can you explain why it is not possible to unzip them on another media??

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GlenAJAuthor Commented:
nobus -  In the dialogue box it stated it was going to extract the driver to C drive - PERIOD
This morning, however, when I wanted to take a screen shot to show you the dialogue
box, it said   "select the folder where you want to unzip the files".  Why the change?
If I had been given this choice the first time, I would have extracted directly to D drive and there
would have been no problem.
Thanks for your help.

David - list disk or listdisk doesn't work for me as a command in command prompt.
probably because you hooked up another flash stick or drive
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
yes list disk doesn't work from a command prompt it must be used from diskpart which runs in the command prompt which is the part where you got stopped as per your image.
GlenAJAuthor Commented:
nobus - I'm sure you're right.  There was something plugged in.
screen captureDave - list disk does not give a number.  See attachment.  However, I can live with what
I have now.  I'm afraid I'll accidentally wipe the hard drive.  Thanks!
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
it is disk 0

And yes the instructions I gave you would wipe the drive because if you
list volume
select disk 0
list par
you will see the 2 partitions the 100mb recovery and the remainder of the disk being where the other O/S was which from outside of the operating system will show up as
c: =- recovery partiton
d: == remainder of the drive
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