Create email template using microsoft office

Everyday we send some report, we use a microsoft word template, and after completing some fields in the template, we send it via email using the next button (see capture below), and adding manually the recipients and writing also manually the subject

is there any way to change or convert this template and include the email subject and the recipients so i only have to fill the report and send it??

what can i do?

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Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
Many would use VBA, yet I like the hyperlink for this because I cannot run VBA on my Surface RT.

If you're filling in fields in your Word template it sounds like you're using a table in Word.  True?

This might be a little easier in Excel where I did a similar email.  The user changes the data in each cell on the spreadsheet that needs updating.  In your case, the user would not be able to change the To, and Subject unless you want that.  Then the user clicks the hyperlink to email the data.  In my case, my default is Outlook 2013 and the hyperlink launches Outlook, fills in the To, From, CC, Subject, Body, etc. and I just click send.  The body would be from the text entered into one of your cells in the spreadsheet.

As an example, I did it in Excel and then put it on Google Sheets.  My syntax for my hyperlink is:

=hyperlink(ʺʺ&C6&ʺ&subject=Shift%20Swap%20Notice.&body=ʺ&B2&C2&ʺ%0Dʺ&B3&C3&ʺ%0D%0Dʺ&B5&C5&ʺ%0Dʺ&B7&C7&ʺʺ,ʺSend to Mgmnt@Shiftswappers.comʺ)

Open in new window

You can see it here.

If you're interested in Word, I'd have to look into it tomorrow.  It may be just fine.  Word emails from hyperlinks, but I've never done it so would want to verify how it would work for you.  Maybe it is the same except you would have the doc for the body or something.  And you wanted to hard code the To, From, Subject anyway, so they wouldn't need to be in a spreadsheet.  In my 2013 I can also insert an Excel spreadsheet into my Word doc.
celticianAuthor Commented:
Id rather use word than excel.

I understand the email hyperlink concept, however id rather create some sort of email template with all the info, as what im sending actually is an email and not a word document.
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
How about the MS Word "Mail Merge" feature?

Eventhough you create a Word document as such, it will be distributed as an email when you choose the email option.

Rob H
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celticianAuthor Commented:
Ill take a look into that option.
Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
Hi again.  

Looked into Word 2013.  Nice options for forms with control objects, but doesn't translate to email very good.  Even with the mailto command being used to fill in the fields of To, From, BCC, CC, Subject, Body.  Couldn't get attachment part of mailto command to function.  Then I could look into embedding an excel sheet into word but it is not efficient.

Your best option is probably to use your email client.  I have Outlook 2013 and it has forms and formulae for field codes etc if you need that level of stuff.

File, Options, Customize Ribbon, on right column check the box for turning on your Developer tab, OK.
Now open new message and click Developer tab, then click design a form.

Here's a link with some more on making the form.

You could also look into using field codes and formula if you need them.  Can be useful if you enter one piece of data and it affects new sums or percentages elsewhere on the form.

Help doc on creating email template in Outlook here.
Create Email Template in Outlook 2013.
Help doc on using email template here.
Using Outlook 2013 email template.
And the field codes if you have to go that far are attached.
Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
Forgot to mention a problem I didn't resolve.  I didn't find an easy way to get at the field codes in my Outlook 2013.  This is probably because I'm using Surface 8.1 RT with Office 2013 RT and it has been hobbled in some small ways.  A Standard version of Outlook may work differently.

If using formula
Insert, Table, drag a few boxes, Now ribbon provides yellowed Table
Tools, make sure cursor in table where inserting formula, Table Tools-Layout-Formula like this.
Outlook Insert formula
Then in the formuila dialogue box you should arrive with cursor at equal sign.  If I don't know what field code or formula syntax to use, I have to choose any function to paste in with the drop down.  This inserts a function after the equal sign.  Then OK.  Then I have syntax error.  Then right-click on my syntax error and choose edit field.  Finally I get to see all fields.  Sequence of shots follow here.  I believe the way it is supposed to work is you simply enter curly brackets on your own right in the word doc or outlook email, type your syntax and go.  Not so for me.  I have to use the dialogue boxes to enter the syntax I want.  Even though I can still see the exact syntax by toggling with Alt-F9, if I edit on the page after Alt-F9 it doesn't work, even if I edit with correct syntax.  I HAVE to do it in the Formula dialogue boxes.  May not be true for others.

Function/Formula dialogue
Outlook Formula Dialogue.
Syntax Error and right-click
Outlook Edit Field.
Field Codes.
Outlook Fields.

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