corrupt flash drive data recovery

I am using OS x mavericks and I found today my flash drive goes corrupt , flash drive is not being listed into "devices" or not even in disk-utility , how can I recover data from it .
Amit KumarAsked:
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First, If your drive is not listed it might not be "ON" . sometimes it's a matter for usb connector goes bad, try on another computer - preferably a PC , if it does not gets recognized send it to a recovery shop in you area..

andreasSystem AdminCommented:
Its not GOING to be corrupted, it seems already broken. If its not recognized anymore as a device on a PC or other computer you cannot recover data yourself.

As mentioned above, try another compuzer, preferably on another architecture/Operating system, if it is also not recognized there you have no choice yourself to recover anything.

You need to ask a data recovery lab for help. Depending on what was broken they are able to restore the data. If the controller broke that does the wear levelling you are out of luck, then frequently nothing or very less can be restored,
as the bitmap of the block remappings are lost and the data on the flash chips are usually not in sequence due to the wear leveling, sometimes even distributed in chunks over several chips.
do you have a recognition sound when connected?
does it show in the disk manager?
in the bios?

if it does not show in the bios - no softwatre can help
but if it is a bad soldering on the usb side - look here :

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Whilst flash drives have no moving parts they do have a limited number of writes. They can also get damaged by static. Sometimes a component fails. On other occasions the hardware connections either inside the stick or between the stick and the USB connector becomes damaged  so they should not be considered as fool proof backup. As you are a MAC user I would consider using the iCloud to provide additional back ups of my data, as well as using a USB memory stick. (or use 2 USB sticks)

If its a component failed, static damage  or its worn out then you are in the hands of a specialist data recovery expert who can sometimes dismantle the stick and recover the data. Checking your profile I am pretty sure there are plenty in or near your location. If the data is important and valuable google a few.

If its the connector has become damaged, and you are reasonably competent, then it may be possible for you to dismantle the stick and attach a new USB connector. If you think you can do this, and the data isn't too important,  google "USB Flash Drive Connector Replacement" and  review a few of the articles as there doesn't seem to be an article on here about doing this. I found a couple which suggest different approaches..

which is best for you depends on drive layout and skills. However if the data has any real value then I strongly suggest that you send it to a specialist as any attempts to recover the data, no matter how innocuous they seem, may cause further damage and make the data impossible to recover.
Amit KumarAuthor Commented:
Question for Dave, if a flash drive has limit number of writes, does it apply same with SSD ? I replaced my movable HDD with SSD into my macbook pro and now I am worries , is SSD way harder to get recover than normal HDD though ?
Well SSD's use a different technology to normal Flash drives, but, yes SSD have a limited life, However they are designed for use as a main drive and therefore will sustain more writes that a USB stick which is designed for occasional use (writes) only and should last a normal lifetime.

There are also  "Enterprise" SSD drives which are designed to tolerate more writes than "Client" SSD drives. Kingston have this semi marketing explanation:-

which is interesting and there is the JEDEC document



which details the differences and is available for free download after a free sign up.
don't worry about the limited life span - it's more than enough for all normal users
but it does not recover 100%  the same way due to it's properties (ram vs platter)
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