How to define customization in Anyconnect VPN

Hi Expert
The below is Anyconnect VPN configuration. I have a question that I need you help me to understand it. The customization use a value  -- CBB. My question is how it define the value -- CBB. I have not found where to define CBB in the configuration. Thank you.

group-policy CBB internal
group-policy CBB attributes
 wins-server none
 dns-server value
 vpn-tunnel-protocol ikev2 ssl-client ssl-clientless
  url-list value CBB
  anyconnect ask enable default webvpn timeout 30
  customization value CBB

tunnel-group BBC type remote-access
tunnel-group BBC general-attributes
 address-pool SSL_Pool1
 default-group-policy CBB
tunnel-group BBC webvpn-attributes
customization BBC
 group-alias BBC enable
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this customization is referred to in the config, but the parameters will be found in xml files that can be imported/exported by ftp/tftp/htp etc and will normally reside in the firewall flash. typically the file name is given in the import/export command and the name of the customization to use in the config will also be given in the import command. these links give more clues:

regards, peter.

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eemoonAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your reply.
But I cannot find how customization value CBB associated with XML file ? Can I find the file's name CBB in flash ?
not necessarily, but it might. that will depend on if the file was originally saved in flash with the same name.

the name CBB will have been given on the command line or in ASDM when the customization xml file was imported. that's the only place that it will have been originally defined. if the xml customization file still available, you can import it again and give a different name, if that will help you. you can remove reference to CBB in the current config by removing the customization command.
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