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Cisco 887VA-K9

I am rolling out MPLS to a few important remote sites. ISP is providing Cisco 887VA-K9, I noticed the ports are only 10/100Mbps. Should I be concerned about this as the MPLS links will be under 100Mbps. It just seems strange to deploy a device nowadays with less than a 1GB LAN connection. Thanks
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I think the end of life dates and ios availability are the most concerning parts I have noticed so far
I don't think it is problem, as you can see on this link EOL and EOS are not announced yet. So, it will be supported for some time yet. You probably have found EOL and EOS for older models like these. On the bottom of page you can see that your router is replacement for older model.
Yes, down at the bottom of that page you can see - Product Part Numbers Affected by This Announcement - as I wrote above, you read post while I was correcting it.
It's a newer model without EOL yet.