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How can I spoof a phone number when I text so they can't block me?

I receive voice phone calls from sales caller and when I block the number the sales caller calls again with another number. I don't think they have that many numbers. When I return the call to that number I get message saying It's not a working number. Also how can I tell if my number is blocked when I try to text someone?
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Those type of operators are likely here today gone tomorrow.depending where you are is to check with the local authorities on what protections you have, I.e. Is recording the call and filling a complaint against the entity calling you an option?
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The caller may be in Taiwan, Korea, or India. You are right, this type is here today gone tomorrow, or at least under that name. If a person blocks a number, can the caller have knowledge of the fact the text is blocked for that number? How does this work? Is an app available to detect this?
I think you are thinking it through too much.  The presumption of an entity here today gone tomorrow is that once a call is made, that source is terminated, but the numbers who reached a person are tagged as valid. They likely engage a provider to minimize their cost including if possible do their misdeeds in a free trial period if available.

Not sure how easy or difficult it is to identify the carrier in the case of the numbers that called/smsed.

Identifying the carrier and lodging a complaint with them might be more effective as they have access to info on who had the number, and if enough complaints flow to them, they might blocked that entity from using them or alter their business model not ......
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