Trend Micro Worry Free Business Advanced for Home Users

What options do I have for getting status reports on and managing Worry Free Business Server Advanced clients that are installed in employee homes?  We have a dedicated Worry Free Business Server - Advanced in the office but have several employees that work on laptops at home.  Our server is a repurposed Windows 7 Pro desktop running as the Trend Micro Worry Free Advanced - Server.   I get reports on all of the client computers in the office with a local connection but my laptops in employee homes remain offline.  

Do I have to go with Worry Free Business - Hosted, or is there a simple way to deal with this with the Advanced product?
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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
on premise can be limited if offline cannot reached back to backend TM server. Normally, if there is VPN tunnel enforced in client machine for remote access or use case such this "offline" at home clients. But this non-trivial as the backend need to support VPN and proxy lockdown prior to any web access may be preferred to ensure client is in clean slate before surfing web. The VPN agent need to run to make sure remote access is up etc...quite a task of checks

henceforth, unless there is a separate server instance setup for such use case of "offline" or not easily reachable client but only via web then it can be good as well. I supposed the server (win7 repurposed) is not web reachable via public WWW. There may be separate instance running in cloud service like AWS EC2 etc but the managed hosted service via TM can be considered. Better to engage TM sales to team for tech advice for an informed decision as this also involves the consistent identity of user in such hosted services covering the privacy and not over exposing internal directory store (AD) of users

regardless, good to take note the below points from TM guide too. I see it more of managing operational readiness aspects.
If more than one site is being managed, it is recommended that you install a Security
Server at the main site, and at each managed site, to reduce bandwidth usage between
the main site and managed sites, and to speed up pattern file deployment rates.

A single Security Server installation can manage up to 2.500 clients. If you have more
clients, Trend Micro suggests installing more than one Security Server.

The IPv6 requirements for the Security Server are as follows:
• The Security Server to be upgraded must be installed on Windows Server 2008,
SBS 2008/2011, 7, and Vista. Security Servers on Windows XP, Server 2003, and
SBS 2003 cannot be upgraded because these operating systems only support IPv6
addressing partially

For offline Security Agents, instruct users to connect to the network so that
the agent can become online. For Security Agents that are offline for an
extended period of time, instruct users to uninstall the agent from the client
and then use a suitable agent installation method (such as Client Packager)
discussed in the Administrator’s Guide to install the agent.
I don't know how many client computers are in your environment. Because you are using a desktop operating system as Worry Free Business Security Server I assume it's more likely a small/medium business. In this case I think it's technically easier to switch to Trend Micro's Worry Free Business Security Services (the hosted product) because you don't need take care about configuring your perimeter firewall and DNS.

The other option would be to place the Worry Free Business Security Server in the DMZ in your network. Then you have to configure the firewall in that way that communication between internal wfbs-clients and wfbs-server as well as home wfbs-clients and wfbs-server (and only that) is allowed to pass. In addition you have to configure your private and public DNS: Internal as well as home computers need successful name resolution to contact the wfbs-server using the same host name.

Trend Micro WFBS-Services is more expensive than WFBS-Advanced but you don't have to deal with all these things. If you are not a security expert and there is no other expert in your company I would recommend the hosted product (WFBS-services). In addition I'm not a friend of placing a Windows 7 computer in a DMZ.
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
if you can managed internally with the security and IT team then on premise is better other hosted via even through MSSP if Trend Micro has some partner will be more holistic to expand not only at the security suite management aspect. The external and internal DMZ need to be monitored and SLA need to considered your desired recovery time or point for IT backup of company data (if any) as compliance.

Hybrid is probably for those whom has clear risk avoidance for certain client machines that is better to have it standalone or segregated from public access (remote site that are sensitive)..

this summary sheet state the difference offering which may help as overview for standard vs advanced as well as hosted vs on-premise.

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DocBrown88Author Commented:
Thank you all for the background.   It makes me wonder if I should be using Trend at all.   Many other products seem to be less hassle.   That combined with my experience of Trend not being able to stop cryptowall reliably is making me think hard.

On the plus side, Trend has decent service and a good Email filter in their hosted email security product.
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