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How to merge 4 ADSL lines

Hi Experts
i Have 4 ADSL line from same ISP
every line 4 mbps i need to merge those lines in one
what is the recommended hardware for that considering stability and easy of setup.
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You are not really merging, as Reece pointed out, you need a single device in which each adsl line will terminate I.e. A firewall that U.S. Fed by each, and it will route out the traffic presumably each line has its own ip.

Your routing will have intermittent issues when an adsl feed drops.
What is your adsl adapter male/model on which each feeds terminates?
To mitigate against intermittent issues, you would need to setup routing on the adsl routers to your firewall this way as long as the adsl link us up, it will advertise the path to the aggregating connections firewall.
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Thanks @All
@Reece Dodds
very interesting video i checked the Device on amazon it's for only 55$
do you think this device is good
i have no problem to pay more for better device
TP-Link are pretty new on the networking market (compared to some of the 40 y.o vendors) and have been hit and miss with their products (mainly the home user stuff).  That said, their business and enterprise products have been quite impressive and will give Netgear and Cisco a good run for their money.  Plus they have some pretty innovative products that you haven't seen with many other vendors yet.
At that price point, I'd give them a go and only consider the high-end vendors if you run in to troubles.

This is just my opinion though - other experts will say 'you get what you pay for' etc. etc....