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MS Excel combine multiple cells of text into 1 cell

For the attached spreadsheet,  I need to do 2 things to be able to import each row into another spreadsheet

1. On the "articles" tab, for each part number in column A I need all the text in column B to be in 1 box but maintain the rows of text (like in a memo field) it can't all run together it must stay in rows within the cell .  It has to be in one cell for the import.

2. The single cell of text from above needs to be copied into the "allparts" spreadsheet into a new column with the corresponding matching part number.  This could be inserted into a new column C right next to column B "EN"

Thank you
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Ryan Chong
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Jon Carlson


Thank you Ryan, all seems to be working well except for the VLOOKUP onto the "allparts" sheet puts the text that was combined into the single cell (Column C on Article) into a single line and doesn't keep the line by line formatting. Is there a way to keep this format or re-format once I pull the text into the "allparts" sheet?  Do I need to copy the text from the VLOOKUP somehow into another field, like a past-value type of thing? I've tried a few things and can't figure it out.

See attached file with VLOOKUP on column C on sheet:allparts
quick response,