EXCHANGE 2010 - Users did not receive email to distribution list

Hi Guys,

Just had some users report that they did not receive an all staff distribution list email from payroll. How do I audit this to make sure who received  this email? I tried the in build troubleshooting assistant but it only shows emails sent externally.

thanks guys.
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Ankit PareekOnline MarketingCommented:
By default, when you create a distribution list, When you use the distribution list inside your organization, it works fine because the users are authenticated  but the outside users aren't

To work around
Go to the distribution list's Properties.
Click on the Mail Flow Settings tab.
Double-click Message Delivery Restrictions.
Uncheck the box "Require that all senders are authenticated."
out2getyouAuthor Commented:
Hi Ankit,

Not sure if you understood my problem. All members of this distribution list are internal. Some received the email and some didn't. I need to audit who did and who didn't and why. I know about the above but its not related to my issue.
Ankit PareekOnline MarketingCommented:
Open Mail Flow Settings -> Message Delivery Restrictions. check it here may be you restrict to some list which have all internal contacts
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out2getyouAuthor Commented:
The payroll account is authorised to send to this all staff distribution list. How can I check who received and who didn't ?
Ankit PareekOnline MarketingCommented:
you can fully read about distribution list and other details in the below link thanks
out2getyouAuthor Commented:
HI Ankit, still doesn't answer my question.
out2getyouAuthor Commented:
UPDATE: The email contained an attachment of 2MB. Some users got it and some didnt.. any ideas?
Jamie McKillopIT ManagerCommented:

Your first step is to use message tracking to determine who the message was delivered to. You can use my tool here - to make this easier.

If message tracking shows the email was delivered to the people who claim they didn't receive it, they likely have an Outlook rule that acted on the message. Have them search their mailbox and check the dumpster (recover deleted items).


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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Agree with Jamie. Message Tracking is ultimately the place to start. If it does not show up in message trackng then it is likely a restriction on the group.

Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
Also, look up for journaling for that particular user.
when a user send an email to a DL, journaling will expand the DL group and make sure it address who it sends to.
This will let you know whether is it the expansion got into trouble (aka, they are not part of the delivery) or just some one not being received
out2getyouAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys, thanks very much for your replies. ill start off with Jamie, how do I run that .ps1 file? is it meant to be a program? can it be run from my own workstation or from exchange?
Jamie McKillopIT ManagerCommented:
A .ps1 file is a powershell script. You can run it from a powershell command line on your workstation as long as you have the prerequisites installed (as specified in my blog post).

out2getyouAuthor Commented:
Hi Jamie,

I'm still finding it a little hard to run.. I dont see anything about prerequisites in that post either.
I tried to run it on my own machine via Windows Powershell  .\wbmsgtrack.ps1 but it just gave me lines of stuff that didnt mean much to me. Is it meant to open up as a program?
out2getyouAuthor Commented:
Hey Guys,

Managed to figure out what the problem was using the message tracking in build feature in exchange. There was a message size limitation on a specific distribution list.

So question, the limitation was 2MB, and the file was 2.4MB. What sort of performance issues can this cause? sending out a 2 MB file to 200 internal people?
Jamie McKillopIT ManagerCommented:
That really isn't a very big attachment. The performance would depend on the specs of your Exchange environment but I would not expect an attachment of that size to cause any issues. The big thing to remember would be that Exchange, starting with 2010, no longer has single instance storage. That 2.4MB attachment will be stored 200 times, or about 400MB. That isn't a lot but if you have people sending 25MB attachments to 200 people on a regular basis, that can add up.

A better option would be to get your users used to storing files on a file server or Sharepoint site and sending a link to the file, instead of email it.

out2getyouAuthor Commented:
perfect thanks
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