Joining tables MARA and MAKT in SAP ABAP

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I have written a inner join to join tables: MARA and MAKT.

In both tables, column MATNR is common so i join them. Still i get duplicate values when i run the query so i need to find more columns that are related by primary key and foreign key.

In SE11 (MARA table), the Fields tab shows the primary keys for MARA and Entry help/check tab tells me about foreign keys on table MARA and the check table name.

However, None of the foreign keys show check table as MAKT.

So how do i decide how are MARA and MAKT related?
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Dear gram77

The following are the primary keys for MARA and MAKT

As MAKT is a text table it will have multiple entries for a single material in different languages EN, DE etc.

The join between them should include mandt and matnr fields as shown below

And its better to include all the primary keys in the view fields of the view.

You can restrict entries and thus duplicates displayed in the view by restricting the language to a single entry in Select conditions

Thanks and Regards



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