How can we display the original caller id on calls forwarded to our Asterisk PBX?

Our German client is fowarding phone calls from their own b2b clients, based mostly in Germany, to our company also based in Germany. For the last few months we no longer ‘see’ the original caller id of the client’s client, only the caller id of our client.
We are running Asterisk 1.4.22. We have confirmed with our Telco provider that the client really is forwarding the original caller id. So the problem must lie with the way Asterisk is handling the caller id? We have made no significant changes to the Asterisk server in recent months that would explain the change in behaviour. The client has recently changed their number format to E.164. We have checked the normal Asterisk settings which control the caller id display.
James YeoAsked:
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Ron MalmsteadInformation Services ManagerCommented:
In the dialplan.. insert some lines, save and reload the dialplan..then do a test transfer, so we can see what Asterisk sees on the console..

exten => [whateverinboundextenyou'reusing],n,NOOp(CID-Name: "${CALLERID(name)}")
exten => [whateverinboundextenyou'reusing],n,NOOp(CID-Num: "${CALLERID(num)}")
exten => [whateverinboundextenyou'reusing],n,NOOp(CID-All: "${CALLERID(all)}")
exten => [whateverinboundextenyou'reusing],n,NOOp(CID-ANI: "${CALLERID(ani)}")

Post your results.
James YeoAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your support

Dialplan was updated as suggested
Attached is a screenshot from the console showing the call arriving and the subsequent activity.

Unfortunately the caller id  02131158150 shown throughout the screenshot is the client's no. and not the original id 01778xxxx34

I can confirm that our Telco has stated that the original id is definitely being forwarded

It seems Asterisk is not seeing the original caller id?

FYI: for maximum flexibility we actually also fwd the call internally - from ext 380 to ext 108 - but I do not think this is part of the problem
So a couple of things, if you are really running 1.4.22 you have serious issues as that has been out of support for a number of years now and I am not even sure it will support E.164 numbering --

But here is a link to Asterisk support for E.164

An here is some work around notes that are published, but may or may not be needed with latter more current releases of Asterisk.

If this were my system, I would focus on getting to the current long term support of 11.18 stable (Note the leading digit was dropped a long time ago so 1.4.22 is now known as 4.22) and then trouble shoot the caller id issue / E.164 numbering.

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James YeoAuthor Commented:
Thank you Phonebuff,

...after studying the linked Information we have concluded that E.164 numbering is not supported with our current Version of Asterisk - we are now focussing on a system upgrade.
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