DFS-R servers having different content...


We're running 2 - 2012 R2 boxes configured for DFS-R.

Recently we found out that 2 users were seeing different content in a single folder.  When I checked on it, SERVER 2 has all the files, SERVER 1 has half.  The server with half the files, appears to have the newer items, but none of the ones from the Initial File Transfer.(all of this is thru viewing their own shares, thru their own Consoles)

Not a big deal, was just going to force replication and be done with it.  Except for, that it didn't work.

When I browse SERVER 1 from SERVER 2, SERVER 2 sees SERVER 1 as having all the same files it does and vise vera.  Replication works perfectly in both directions.  Diag reports, prop reports, all show ZERO issues.

Any clue on why these servers are seeing the same file content on their partner, when they do not have the same file content?

(there is no back log btw)

Thanks for any help, I am perplexed.
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What files are there in the other location, DFS-r will not replicate files that are marked as temporary. Windows 8 seems to save XPS and oops files as though they are temporary
Fsutil USn readdata filename
Attribute x1xx points/identifies the file as temporary.
Here is the write up

eccisAuthor Commented:
The files are pictures(jpeg, png) or Word docs so far.

There are a mix of PC's accessing these files, mostly Win 7 though.

I'll give that item a try.  

Thank you!
use DFS-R to run a report to see what might be preventing the replication.

If you create a text document in that folder does it get replicated shortly there after.

Do you have replication scheduling i.e. during certain times, with a set bandwidth available?
check dfs event logs on each to see whether it reports something like anti-virus/file in use preventing replication.
Though that is strange that only a subset of users are impacted.
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eccisAuthor Commented:
The reports state there is nothing wrong (minus the normal violations from open files)
event id 4302

 Also prop test and prop report.  Nothing is wrong with it.

Any new docs created replicate in both directions without issue, takes about 2-3 seconds.
Command line check fsutil usn readdata filename
to see whether it is marked as a temporary file.

You are looking at something like:
Major Version    : 0x2
Minor Version    : 0x0
FileRef#         : 0x000100000000666f
Parent FileRef#  : 0x0001000000000909
Usn              : 0x0000000000000000
Time Stamp       : 0x0000000000000000 12:00:00 AM 1/1/1601
Reason           : 0x0
Source Info      : 0x0
Security Id      : 0x0
File Attributes  : 0x20
File Name Length : 0x16
File Name Offset : 0x3c
FileName         : t2embed.dll


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eccisAuthor Commented:
It appears i'm rocking a 0x121 on that file.

It would appear, I have a bunch of temps that are not temps.  :(
eccisAuthor Commented:
eccisAuthor Commented:
Arnold knows what is up!
You have to identify what creates these files, it might be an issue inherent in it.  The one I ran into with this same issues, a user was using print preview/to an OXPS/XPS output.
In the case, the user is creating PDFs instead.
eccisAuthor Commented:
So far all the files that fail are from the initial file transfer.  Anything new(created by all/any the users in the department 'only 3 people') replicates.
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