Domain loss situation

Good morning experts,

A little background: a company had a 2093 SBS running as a domain controller, as well as an FTP server. The domain controller also played host to the backend of an Access Database.

A 2008 standard Server was purchased some time ago, and although became part of the domain, never served as a DC. The 2003 SBS died after 10-11 yrs of service. The 2008, could not become DC without forest prep. All user accounts were recreated on this 2008 Standard for a workgroup environment, running FTP, and hosting Access BE.

2 new 2012 standard Servers have been purchased with the idea of enabling DFS replication so we cannot hit that problem again. With the 2012s being new, they will be easy to put to a DC status in order to implement DFS, but all the user accounts are on the 2008 machine. Is there anyway to migrate, transfer, or move the user accounts (SAM database) to the 2012 server then promote it? Right now they are all members of a workgroup.

Thanks for your  anything you can suggest.
dawber39Database Analyst / Application DeveloperAsked:
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NinjaStyle82Systems AdministratorCommented:
How many users do you have?

I would suggest recreating them in the domain, copying data to the new server on a home directory share, then mapping their data to a home drive.
dawber39Database Analyst / Application DeveloperAuthor Commented:
8 internal users, 6 remote, and 23 customers. It's no that many to recreate, but just trying to save time because the period in which the system can be down is very brief
NinjaStyle82Systems AdministratorCommented:
As far as i know there isn't a way to transfer the actual account (like passwords etc.) but you can transfer the profile to a roaming profile with some permissions modifications.
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dawber39Database Analyst / Application DeveloperAuthor Commented:
I will probably just have to recreate them. I'm not so sure the roaming profile idea will work in a non domain structure. I've never seen roaming profiles in a peer to peer workgroup... Is that possible?
NinjaStyle82Systems AdministratorCommented:
Yeah, you would set up the roaming the profile on the new account in the domain if you went that route. =/
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
You can create your new domain on one of the 2012 servers, and then create all of your user accounts, offline - i.e., without being connected physically to the network where the 2008 workgroup server is running.  I would then recreate the "backend" of the Access database (is it SQL?) on the new server. All that can be done without interfering with the current setup.  This will minimize the amount of down time required. Obviously, moving data and documents and joining workstations to the new domain will require some down time.

Roaming profiles don't really work in a workgroup environment.  You can, however, make certain things roam, like the Documents directory, by manually making registry entries on the workstations. So, you want to make sure that you have a complete grasp of how or whether any redirection has been done manually in the old environment before you start moving users to the new domain.

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dawber39Database Analyst / Application DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Roaming profiles are not really a concern... but I like the idea of taking one of the new servers offline, creating the domain with all the user accounts, then bringing it online.

Thank you Hypercat, Frank, I really appreciate your input. I didn't think there was an easier route, but it never hurts to check
dawber39Database Analyst / Application DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Always value the input up here - Thanks
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