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Using SRV for autodiscover records and AUTOD: with the Set-HybridConfiguration command (hybrid 365 environment)

I have successfully used the
Set-HybridConfiguration –Domains ",", ""
command to save a ton of money on certificates and ease the management of multiple autodiscover records.

My question is:

Will autodiscover work in this scenario with the above HybridConfiguration...?

1. USER1: is a user with only one SMTP address of
2. USER1: the same user has no other email addresses.

Will the user be able to utilize autodiscover without any other email addresses like

Thank you!
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I think you will need the cname autodiscover record to exist on all domains you are trying enable autodiscover from.
Have you looked at the remote connectivity analyzer from MS?
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I have implemented this successfully many times but all users typically had all suffixes represented in additional email address (not their primarySMTPaddress).

You use SRV records in this scenario as mentioned here:
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This is the correct answer