Connecting an iMac to nn SBS2008 server

Can somebody tell me how to connect an iMac to access shared drives securely on  an SBS2008 server qnd also how to access email accounts on the SBS exchange server.

The iMac starts up through a local user account so not sure how exchange will work - same as iPhone, ipad?

I tried to use Finder to link to a shared drive on the server but as soon as I dragged the icon onto the desktop it told me the alias could not found.
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We use similar environment and the MAC uses MS Office to connect to the Exchange server.  Some other MAC users here simply use OWA to access their emails.

Drive shares are controlled by folder permissions set on the server.  Once the MAC user is set for Exchange and Active Directory then you can set share/folder permissions on the shared folder as well.  The MAC uses Samba to access Windows network shares.

Use full UNC path of the shared folder then once prompted for credentials then use the Windows credentials to sign in.
Read this link from Apple

Of course the iMAC user will need to have an account on the SBS AD Domain with proper security permissions to the files / folders you want them to have access to.
bill2013Author Commented:
So you are connecting to the exchange through Outlook, while we are connecting the iMac's own Mail client, OWA seems a good idea but I find a bit unfriendly compared to a proper mail client program.

Should we be logging on the iMac onto the domain/sbs 2008 at startup as we do with the PCs which would make the shares and emails a lot more accessible?
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

If your organization has a need to mass-create AD user accounts, watch this video to see how its done without the need for scripting or other unnecessary complexities.

Yes we use Outlook for MAC (majority).  Some users here prefer Apple Mail instead and that works too because it has native Exchange support right out of the box.  The new MS Office for MAC is worth looking into because the new Outlook support push email, etc.

No, we didn't join the MAC to the AD domain.  No point because all they need was the drive share and the MACs connect to the network printers directly.  Other than that, not a lot of benefits (Windows Update Server doesn't apply, etc.) in joining the MACs to the domain.  Also, the ART Dept. like to manage their own environment.
bill2013Author Commented:
Thanks I will probably stick with Apple Mail.

As for the share, I used the Finder route like the one in the link, giving it user credentials and then dragging the icon from finder to the desktop and then closing finder. But then the icon could not be opened saying the alias could not be found,

Using the UNC path, IIRC, seemed to work better in the past. What is the route to do this.

We will probably use the two iMacs we have in a similar way as Wayne is,
Sorry, you have to specify the sharing protocol with MAC before the UNC path.  Did you enter the path in this format?

smb://DNSname/sharename  or  smb://IPaddress/sharename
bill2013Author Commented:
I set up the first iMac that way (using UNC)  a year ago and that worked fine, but forgot how I did it! I didn't think it would be a year before I did it again.

I assume I start in system preferences? But where then, whre/how do I specify the sharing protocol?
bill2013Author Commented:
Wayne, I believe the connection I used before was smb://myserver/mysharedfolder - so the protocol Is samba/SMB?

In Windows I put longer folder names in quotes, e,g "c\data\my personal stuff", What do you do with UNS on mac connections?
H Bill,

This additional guide should help you:

What did you name the share as?  If the folder share name is "my personal stuff" and the IP address is for example then you will type in:

 smb://"my personal stuff"

Note that you have to enclose "my personal stuff" in quotes because there are whitespaces.  If only one word such as MYPERSONALSTUFF then no quotes needed.

bill2013Author Commented:
Thanks Wayne, I followed the lifehacker link when I set up the iMac today.

You mentioned "you have to specify the sharing protocol with MAC before the UNC path.  Did you enter the path in this format?" but didn't see this in the article.

When I created the share I tried dragging it onto the desktop but this made it inaccessible. Not sure what I am doing wrong.
Hi Bill, can you try entering just the IP of the machine the share folder is in?

Then when you should be prompted for the username and password.  Once the proper credentials are entered you will see all the available shares.

Here is also video to guide  you:

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bill2013Author Commented:
Thanks Wayne the clip showed me where I wa going wrong. All sorted now.0
You're welcome Bill and glad to help.
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