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I need to perform a check to find out how many pairs of seats exist on a given performance. I can't do just a seat count because individual seats on opposite sides of the theatre are not desired. Here is a link to an image of the seat configuration and attached is a spreadsheet with the columns we have to work with:

Note: The spreadsheet is the data related to the image provided.

I am having trouble figuring out a way to determine seats that are next to each other. Thanks for the help!
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Thanks for that, i'll do some testing and see how it works out.

Wouldn't islands be what I am looking for? Gaps would be the break between seats and islands would be the pair (or greater) of seats...right?
ste5anSenior Developer

This is just a definion question. Islands are normally existing numbers, gaps are missing numbers. I would name already reserved seats as islands.


That is absolutely the solution!

I found this article: to be quite useful as well. I thought I'd share for others who may have a similar question. I would have never found that article without your help in identifying the type of solution I needed.

Thank you!

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