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Have an ASA that has all ports open from the outside to an inside host. The ASA is failing, so trying to figure out how to do the same thing on a SonicWALL TZ 215.

ASA: access-list outside-acl extended permit ip any host outside IP
SonicWALL: ?
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It sounds like you are saying that the ASA is wide open such that anything from outside to inside is permitted. If this is really what you mean, and you want to duplicate that on the sonicwall, all you have to do is change one permit rule.

Go to Firewall -> click the Matrix radio button -> select From WAN to LAN

The very last rule you see should be a DENY rule for any any. Simply uncheck the Enable box, and this should give you what you want.


That's fine, but how do you configure an allow any/any rule on the SonicWALL?
To add a new rule...

Go to Firewall -> click the Matrix radio button -> select From WAN to LAN

Click the Add button on upper left, in the window that opens select "Any" for the drop down in Service, Source and Destination. Then click the Add button. You should now have a new rule in the list. Now using the up arrow, move that rule to the top of the list.

That should allow all access from the WAN to LAN.

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