Microsoft Exchange 2007 Catchall going to a specific user

Hi there,

I have a SBS 2008 server running Exchange 2007. I am wondering how I can receive all mail for the domain and have the mail for mailboxes which do not exist to be forwarded to a specific mailbox.

For example: If someone emails "" and that user/mailbox does not exist... I still want it to deliver the mail to "".

In actual fact this is already setup on the server but I can not see anything under Transport Rules. I need to change the recipient who receives all the random junk but occasional mistyped email.

Thank you for your help!
Carl ChandlerManaging DirectorAsked:
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Exchange 2007 doesn't have a catch all facility, and that is a good thing.
They are evil things and you shouldn't be using them at all. Nothing but a spam trap.
I have clients who drop 1000s of messages a day to non valid recipients. One client was getting so much email to non-valid recipients that when we enabled recipient filtering their bandwidth use dropped by 70% - extreme case but gives you an idea how bad not using recipient filtering can be.

Use recipient filtering on Exchange instead (which should be enabled by default in Exchange). A user who sends a message with a mistyped email will get a bounce, realise that they have made an error and resend. If you don't bounce the email then the original sender will never learn that they have it wrong.

As for how it is happening now, do you have your MX records pointing to Exchange or to something else?

Carl ChandlerManaging DirectorAuthor Commented:
MX records point to GFI Antispam and then gets delivered to the exchange server.

It is currently working like I mentioned in my first post. Perhaps I am using the wrong terminology with catch all.

Emails being sent to mailboxes that do not exist are being forwarded to a User. I just need to find out how and change that user.
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
I would expect that is being done by the GFI service then. You would need to look in their configuration.
My comments about catch all still stand though - they are always a bad idea.

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Carl ChandlerManaging DirectorAuthor Commented:
Simon, I have recently taken over support for this Company, their previous I.T support set it up this way. The client now likes it this way.

I too would never recommend it.

Does anyone else have any ideas?

It is not GFI delivering the to the specific mailbox. I have been on the phone to their tech support and the option is enabled to pass through mail to unknown mailboxes but it is only delivering them to the Exchange server, it is not redirecting them to a specific user's mailbox.
Carl ChandlerManaging DirectorAuthor Commented:
Nevermind, I found the answer myself.

For anyone else who might have this problem please refer to the website below:

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Carl ChandlerManaging DirectorAuthor Commented:
Perfect solution. Was exactly my problem and now the problem is resolved.
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