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Ray Turner
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I'm developing a web application using Microsoft ASP.NET.  Should I use Access or XML for the data store?  What are the Pros and Cons of each of these?

I'm currently using XML; which appears to work quite well.  Is this the best choice?
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As a developer for more than 15 yrs, I seldom heard people storing their data in XML format, unless the data that being stored is in small quantity. Personally, I would prefer a standard DBMS to manage the data instead of using XML. So I would choose Access (or a higher end DBMS).

some considerations:

1. concurrence of access & updating

can XML handle scenario of 2 concurrent write requests, which can prevent a write access deadlock, etc?

2. security

how important the data itself? how easy the data can be accessed/compromised? do we have user access matrix/ privileges settings for the data source?

3. maintenance

as data are defined and stored in different ways, how easy we can maintain our data?

but for a matured DBMS will provide tools to monitor and streamline the processes/activities which relevant to the data itself. It makes developer's life easier. On contrary, I'm not too sure for XML related tools.

Anyway, I found a good article to read which seems useful:
Ray TurnerSenior Consultant


Thanks for your comments.

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