Motorola MC75a QWERTY - F1 to F12 keys


Does anyone know if there is a standard equivalent to F1 through F12 on a Motorola/Zebra MC75a PDA?  

Config.xml has all of them enabled but there is no mention in the user manual for Function keys; all other keyboard variants of the MC75 (such as the 26 key unit) are listed as have Function key emulation, but not the QWERTY version.

I have found references for F1-F20 mapping for various terminal emulation scenarios but not a default 'in-app' mapping.  Blue+number key seems to be a common option on other models, but on the QWERTY keyboard version that would appear to potentially interfere with other operations.

Surely it's not been omitted on that model?!

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hjgodeTier 3 Senior Technical Support EngineerCommented:

there are some basics to know:

The keyboard driver gets the key strokes and the driver generates keycodes/scancodes that are translated to WM_KEY DOWN/CHAR/UP messages or change the keyboard modifier flags (Shift,Ctrl,ALT,CAPS).

The Windows Mobile OS already registered some of the function key values for applications, these keys are not visible to other apps. Example is F6/F7 is registered for volume up/down, F1/F2 for menu shortcuts, F3/F4 for Talk and End, see also winuserm.h.

A terminal emulation (TE) app can only map keys that are reaching the app (not registered to other apps), except it uses the AllKey(TRUE) API call. If using AllKey(TRUE) the app can see all key presses and can translate to VT/ANSI, IBM 5250 or other terminal host.

If you are missing a key value on the device, you can use a keyboard remapper to assign keycodes to keys of your choice. You may, for example, map Blue+2 to keycode VK_F12. It depends on the TE app, which key inputs are supported..
If you get out of source keys, you may map keys inside TE that are not used by the custom host app, for example map the semicolon to F12 inside the TE.

Presentation about keyboard remapping on motorola: Link

General information about function key usage in windows mobile: (see top pinned post)


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Mark_RAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the response.  We weren't able to fix the problem but different units are inbound for testing, so it may disappear with the arrival of those.
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