How to disable profiling in a WebSphere application using RAD 8.5 Rational Application Developer

I have been am using IBM's Rational Application Developer 8.5 to build a WebSphere application. My computer crashed and am have tried to re-install RAD and get my project working again, but I have not been able to do so. I have installed RAD and it seems to be working correctly. I have installed the WebSphere server 8.5 and I can start the server. I can publish my app to the server, but I cannot start the application. Here is what I get in the console (log):

[7/13/15 18:37:57:772 EDT] 00000061 AdminHelper   A   ADMN1008I: An attempt is made to start the ris-EAR application. (User ID = defaultWIMFileBasedRealm/wasserver)
[7/13/15 18:37:57:835 EDT] 00000061 CompositionUn A   WSVR0190I: Starting composition unit WebSphere:cuname=ris-EAR in BLA WebSphere:blaname=ris-EAR.
[7/13/15 18:37:58:271 EDT] 00000061 ApplicationMg A   WSVR0200I: Starting application: ris-EAR
[7/13/15 18:37:58:271 EDT] 00000061 ApplicationMg A   WSVR0204I: Application: ris-EAR  Application build level: Unknown
[7/13/15 18:37:58:303 EDT] 00000061 ApplicationMe E   ACIN0028E: ris-EAR is configured for application profiling, but the Application Profiling service is disabled. You must enable the Application Profiling service to start application ris-EAR.
[7/13/15 18:37:58:303 EDT] 00000061 ApplicationMg W   WSVR0101W: An error occurred starting, ris-EAR
[7/13/15 18:37:58:303 EDT] 00000061 ApplicationMg A   WSVR0217I: Stopping application: ris-EAR
[7/13/15 18:37:58:303 EDT] 00000061 ApplicationMg A   WSVR0220I: Application stopped: ris-EAR
[7/13/15 18:37:58:303 EDT] 00000061 CompositionUn E   WSVR0194E: Composition unit WebSphere:cuname=ris-EAR in BLA WebSphere:blaname=ris-EAR failed to start.
[7/13/15 18:37:58:349 EDT] 00000061 FfdcProvider  W logIncident FFDC1003I: FFDC Incident emitted on C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer_1\profiles\AppSrv1\logs\ffdc\server1_2fe77e96_15.07.13_18.37.58.3036990507326142445397.txt 679
[7/13/15 18:37:58:427 EDT] 00000061 FfdcProvider  W logIncident FFDC1003I: FFDC Incident emitted on C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer_1\profiles\AppSrv1\logs\ffdc\server1_2fe77e96_15.07.13_18.37.58.3495114894586182710884.txt 679

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I have enabled profiling on the server (I think), but I did that because the error message said I must enable the Application Profiling service. But I really don't want any profiling, so I would rather turn off profiling in the app itself, rather than turn on profiling on the server. But I can't find a way to do that. I have not found any place where I specify that the app should be configured for application profiling. How can I NOT configure the ris-EAR for application profiling?
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Kanti PrasadCommented:

You need to remove the JVM arguments. The below link will help you disable profiling
jkurantAuthor Commented:
Kanti, could you give me a page number in that document?
Kanti PrasadCommented:

Page no 9 --the heading is Using the Integrated Solutions Console

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