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I have a client that is having a serious issue with searching.  When they search for a particular email such as (ex. Robert Love) all emails does not show.  If the email came in or went out as (ex. rlove@) when searching Robert Love it doesn't find it which it should.  I have went into options - searches and uncheck the box for instant searching.  I also went into the account and made sure cache mode was checked and the bar was move over for all emails not just 12 months.  What am i missing?
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When using the search bar to look for a message to or from some one by display name use colon, no space, and parentheses, like so:

from:(Robert Love)

Well done confirming all mail is being downloaded in account settings.  But keep in mind this search method searches the Index, not the text of the messages.  So you need to allow time for both downloading and indexing the OST file (downloaded mail).

After an hour, if you can see visually the search is not finding a message that is obviously there, your index may be corrupted.  To rebuild the index, go to Windows Control Panel | Indexing options | Advanced | Rebuild.  Click OK.  Keep in mind it may take up to a full day to perform this operation as it runs in the background when your computer is idle.

Hope this helps,


I will try this out and let you know...thanks

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