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Not sure if the sql agent job will allow if I put the following  to execute osql command in  Operating System Command (CmdExec) Will the below work ??

osql -E -q "declare @rc int
EXEC @rc = osql -E -q usr_sp_reviewamounts"
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osql is outdated. Use sqlcmd instead.

It makes no sense to define and assign the procs result value, when you don't return it.

Why do you want to call a procedure that way? Why not directly calling it with an T-SQL task?
Yes just for executing the stored procedure you dont need SQLCMD or OSQL if you are going to schedule the SP in SQL agent job.

Create a SQL agent job with TSQL step and only single line of code will be fine.

execute <databasename>.<schemaName>.usr_sp_reviewamounts

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