Trying to reach the index.php page of a new page set up with a WHM intefrace...

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Just got set up with a Virtual Private Server and am trying to see the files I've uploaded. I type in the IP address and I get a "Sorry" page ( How do I ascertain the URL of my site prior to assigning the appropriate DNS settings. I want to see what's happening before I flip the switch.

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First, you can update the default page for new websites via "WHM Home » Account Functions » Web Template Editor", which will stop defaultwebpage.cgi from being referenced as the default. Here is a good overview on making the change.

If you have multiple sites setup, often you'll use a variation of the account name to access the site you've setup. For example if the account name for the site is "brucegust" you'll often see a link like this in the control panel:

You can also update the hosts file on your desktop/laptop so that it references your domain name at to verify the server settings are configured to listen for that domain name appropriately.

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