Associate XP event with software that not on drop down list

When I plug my camera into my USB port, I want my camera utility program to open. I have upgraded the utility to a new version. When I select the camera and try to associate it with the new software, the new version does not show up on the drop down list of options.

How do I make this happen.

The Camera is a Canon E7 and I have upgraded to Canon Camera Utility 2
Running XP SP3
LVL 26
David BruggeAsked:
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try if this works :
Got it to work. Uninstalled EOS Utility, installed latest version. Plugged 5D mark II in. When screen came up with TAP TO CHOOSE WHAT HAPPENS WITH THIS DEVICE...scrolled to bottom and told Windows to take no action. Opened EOS working

from :
David BruggeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion. What I would like to accomplish is to have the Utility 2 program launch when the camera is detected. That is why I want the program to show up in the dropdown screen (as opposed to selecting "do nothing")

I was looking for the registry setting or other means of associating the Utility 2 program with the event.
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David BruggeAuthor Commented:
Sorry, no. My camera is recognized fine, and I can download images. It is just that I want the auto launch to detect my camera and launch either Lightroom, or Canon Utilities 2, neither of which is listed in the dropdown box for selecting software.

Your link had mostly intructions on how to get the camera recognized.

I appreciate your help, but I am going to throw the question back to the community to see if someone knows how to deal with this specific issue.
well - that's what i found
i can only add that such kind or automation - i avoid always
i prefer to copy the pics myself - then at least i know where they are, and how they are named
i saw many computers containing the same pics with different names -  due to other programs loading them - and storing them in different folders
Working on this.

Glad to see that somebody else is still using XP.  You'll get all sorts of critical comments telling you how "XP is dead in the water", but I am still using it and I find it a lot easier to tweak and fix than Windows 7.

The whole autoplay thing is quite complex.  Not to be confused with "AutoRun", which allows external drives to run a program if an "autorun.inf" file is found in the root), AutoPlay depends on device identifiers and registered events.  A registered autoplay event handler is cross-referenced in multiple places within the registry.  It is described here in a fair amount of technical detail with the relevant registry keys:
but it's hard to follow without a specific example being given.

I have attached a separate TXT file here because it contains some technical data concerning the registry and would create a comment even longer than the one I am posting.
This is all possible by tinkering manually with the registry (as detailed in the attached TXT file), but it is so open to errors that I don't really think you should be messing around like this for now.

Personally I would first concentrate on WHY the "Canon Camera Utility 2" software installation didn't create an AutoRun entry.

Did the AutoPlay entry for the PREVIOUS version of the Canon Camera Utility show in the AutoRun dialog BEFORE you updated it?

If NOT, then skip down to the "TweakUI" utility section, otherwise read on.

You might try running the Microsoft Autoplay Repair Wizard for XP:
It requires installation and, when run, supposedly "scans your computer devices to find defective AutoPlay settings, and attempts to fix those it finds".

If that doesn't fix the issue, then look in the registry key:
for a DWord value named "IsAutorunForCDROMOnly".  If it is set to a value of "1", then double-click on it and change it to "0".

If that value isn't present, or is already set to "0", then I think you should consider uninstalling, cleaning remnants, and reinstalling the Canon software.  

I can't find a Canon E7 camera.  The closest I can find is the Canon EOS 7D with software downloads here:
Amongst the list of software, the nearest I can find to "Canon Camera Utility 2" are:
EOS Utility 2.14.1 Updater for Windows
EOS Utility 2.7.3 Updater for Windows
The contents of the original CD (which I found on a non-Canon site without the requirement to enter a camera serial number) don't help me much either because they are in a format that is hard to extract and examine.

Is your version of XP a 64-bit one by any chance?

I did notice that the software downloads were for 32-bit XP versions.  Although they should install and run in 32-bit compatibility on a 64-bit Windows PC, there can often be issues.  There could also be issues if the updated version of the "Canon Camera Utility 2" isn't intended for XP but somehow was able to go through the motions of installing.

In addition, an in-place update of the software may have left some old incompatible AutoRun or other entries in the registry that are conflicting with the new entries that have not been properly created.

Do you remember how the AutoPlay entry for the previous version of the software appeared in the AutoPlay dialog?

My first suggestion would be to completely uninstall the original "Canon Camera Utility" then reboot the computer.

There is a utility written for XP and Vista by Ramesh Srinivasan (who I believe may have been an expert on this site a while back), that allows you to view, scan for and/or repair invalid, or remove, unwanted AutoRun handlers:

It is a simple standalone program with a readme file.  I have used it to view and to scan and report on invalied entries, but I have never used it to fix any.  If there are any leftovers from the Canon software, then it should remove them ready for you to reinstall the updated Canon software utility.

You may see a link below the description of the above "AutoPlay cleanup utility" page entitled "How to add an AutoPlay Handler for an Event?".


This page requires the use of an old Windows XP PowerToy named "TweakUI".  These PowerToys were never officially backed by Microsoft and came with a disclaimer from their development team.  The Microsoft PowerToys for XP page is no longer available, but the download link for version 2.1 (for XP with SP1, 2, or 3) still exists:

It requires installation and will create a new Start Menu folder named "PowerToys for Windows XP" with the program shortcut when installed as a single "TweakUi.exe" to your C:\Windows\System32 folder.


TweakUI allows you to tweak quite a lot of Windows settings.  Although the TweakUI AutoPlay function only appears to affect AutoPlay settings when you click the "Apply" button, it would be a wise idea to create a full registry backup and a restore point before using it.

There is an error with the EXE that will be installed.  It creates an erroneous registry value for the number of folder settings in Windows Explorer that are remembered if you change the value in the TweakUI interface.  The erroneous value name doesn't mess with the original and correct value, but it doesn't change the default of 400 folders.  If you prefer, I corrected the EXE and have attached it as "TweakUI-exe.txt" which can be used to replace the installed EXE file.
In the TweakUI interface expand to the section My Computer > AutoPlay > Types and make sure that AutoPlay is enabled for removable Drives as well as for CD/DVD drives.

Now go to the "Handlers" subsection.

First scroll down and look for any existing Canon-related entries.  If none exist, then you can create a NEW Handler and browse to the EXE for your Canon software.

here is what TweakUI does in the registry when you create a new AutoRun Handler so that the process can be easily reversed in TweakUI again.

It CREATES the following keys (setting the DEFAULT action under the 3rd key):





In the "command key it will create a (Default) REG_SZ value like this, where "ProgName" is the program exe that you browsed to and selected:

@="C:\\Full_Path_To\\ProgName.exe \"%L\""

Under the relevant event key, for example "ShowPicturesOnArrival", it will create a new REG_SZ value named the same as the new key created in the other key mentioned above, eg.


A new key of the same name is created under the "Handlers" key, eg.


This should create a new AutoRun entry in the Windows AutoRun dialog, but there is no guarantee that it will work if the Canon utility EXE requires additional parameters, and it does not specifically tie it into the insertion of ONLY your Canon camera.  It will show for all removable storage like USB Flash Drives, and so on.

You now just connect your camera, Right-Click on the drive icon, and choose Properties > AutoPlay to set your preferences.

Let me know how you get on with this.

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David BruggeAuthor Commented:
Many, many thanks! This seems to be just what I am looking for (other than a "download your instant fix here" link.  Now that you ask. Yes, the Utility 1 did create an autoplay and the Utility 2 did not.

I will dissect your information in the upcoming days and give it a test. Thanks again and I will let you know how it works out.
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

Not enough information to confirm an answer.
David BruggeAuthor Commented:
Sorry that I let this question lapse. I should know better.
Thank you David
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