VOIP Remote site recommendation?

So, we have a small office an hour away from main.
Avaya IP 500 VOIP phone system at main office only.
Both sites have AD(GC at each) and integrated DNS servers

Site has non-guaranteed business Comcast cable.
HW WG firewall tunnel between both locs.
QOS or COS doesn't seem to do the trick with drop, latency, jitter, etc...
Inter office dialing is great but if not then okay, too. Preferred though.

What are some alternative options to get VOIP phones working, approximately 5 at small remote office?
For example hosted VOIP phones?

Thank you.
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Michael HughettICT Field Systems AnalystCommented:
How much bandwidth do you have to the remote site?
NinjaStyle82Systems AdministratorCommented:
Have you verified that your packets are staying tagged for QoS over the tunnel?
Also, do you have the QoS as some type of policy based rule in the firewall?
dee30Author Commented:
QoS is based on fw rules and traffic pattern.  VOICE taking priority over BOVPN tunnel, but regardless we know that those tags are ignored once out over the Internet.
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NinjaStyle82Systems AdministratorCommented:
True, but even in my organization we tag QoS on VoIP internally, and don't have call quality issues through an IPSec VPN. So yes it may be ignored over the internet, but that is probably not the cause of the call quality issues. Also, our traffic is immediately retagged for DSCP as it passes through each firewall.
dee30Author Commented:
Yes, true and makes sense...
I guess I need to spend the time looking at the router, QoS tagging, etc...

Really, though, I would like an alternative hosted solution or other that would provide this loc with phones some other way that would work with AVAYA IP 500 at main loc or solo(no inter office dialing).

Thank you
NinjaStyle82Systems AdministratorCommented:
I guess ShoreTel is pretty popular, but i haven't used it myself. Not sure how outrageously expensive it may be www.shoretel.com
Bryant SchaperCommented:
I would look at a baby Avaya, I am sure they have a remote shelf or something and local terminations for the lines, are you wanting a single system to service both locations?

As for QoS / CoS,they will have little impact if you are not saturating the connection, plus no impact over the internet sense they do not honor the tags.

As for an alternative, I vote cisco voice router, some phones, you could then do sip trunk between the two and dial plans.
dee30Author Commented:
Bryant can you expand on some models/specifics when you say "baby Avaya" and "cisco voice router" to look at?

Ideally if could get call quality to work and calls to not be choppy when you're talking to them or calling in from outside, with just the main loc ip 500 and their phones traffic being routed over the VPN tunnel that would be great, but that is not what we're able to do so far.  So looking into just taking them off the main office phone system and giving them their own whatever is fine if it will just the customers to call in without complaint of horrible phone quality.  Thank you.
dee30Author Commented:
again, this is a small tiny office with need for four to five phones now and growth at most seven if ever.  Thank you.
Bryant SchaperCommented:
So you could do this all on Cisco 2911/2921 with vsec and cme and probably cube.  Not sure of an Avaya version but I bet if you ask your vendor they will have something.  With only 7 phones you are basically looking for a router with voice features, and a limited feature set and voicemail.

I just expect you to get great service over a VPN tunnel, you would be better served with an MPLS network or at least some sort of private point to point circuit.  That could be an option as well, plus provide the site with HA.  You could bring in a private integrated access circuit with voice and data at each site, and use internet for failover.

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dee30Author Commented:
Thank you for time and feedback.
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