Solver32.dll Not Found in SPECIFIC Workbook When using Solver Add In

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Hi guys, everything I seem to find online seem to says that when you have this error it's the .dll's location or something similar....
Here's the thing I CAN use solver just fine if I open a blank workbook and attempt to create a simple solver.

But when I'm in a specific workbook it throws the SOLVER32.DLL not found error after it finds a solution and I click "Ok" to view the results of that solution. Any idea how or why a specific workbook would cause solver to throw that error?

I cannot share the workbook. It has data in PowerPivot, and the PowerQuery add-in installed. But this is also the case for a blank workbook....
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Updated trouble shooting. If I open another workbook first, allow that workbook to load solver; then open the workbook throwing the Solver32.dll error, then close the other workbook the workbook that originally throws the error does not throw the error anymore.

However the behavior returns after saving, closing, and reopening the workbook.
Solved. I copied and pasted Solver32.dll as well as Solver.XLSM (just in case) to ..\Windows\SysWOW64

My guess is that because the workbook was created in a 32-bit version of windows and I'm now using a 64-bit version it messes a bit with where solver looks for the solver32.dll.

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