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I have a computer services company and a client of mine has a Mac with a virus on it. I have fixed several Windows computers with the same virus but not a Mac. The virus does a scan, says your infected and gives you a number to call which when called offers to fix it for several hundred dollars. On Windows I use some very effective programs like HitmanPro, Rkill, AdwCleaner, and Autoruns, etc.
My questions are:
1) What effective but safe antivirus programs can I use on Mac?
2) Autoruns is a program from Microsoft Technet that allows you to control what starts up on a Windows PC. Is there a similar program for Macs.
I request replies from people that actually fix Macs.
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vlogg5Author Commented:
I forgot. The antiviruses' have to be free or ones I can get a trial version for.
Kyle SantosQuality AssuranceCommented:
I use Free Avast Antivirus on my macbook pro, perform regular virus scans, and that seems to solve my virus issues well enough.
Click Go To Download.
Select Free option.
I concur. Avast.

Safe start the Mac by holding down the shift key while booting before downloading and running Avast. This will prevent most things from auto-running.

You can kill running processes using Activity Monitor found in /Applications/Utilites.

You can see what processes are set to auto-run by pulling down the Apple Menu to System Preferences and going to Users and Groups. Then click on log-on items. (Note that unchecking the box beside a log-on item does not prevent it from loading - it merely makes it load in the background. To prevent an item from auto-starting, you have to select it, then remove it using the minus button at the bottom left.)

There may be addition startup items found in the following folders (click on the desktop to make sure you are in Finder, the pull down the Go menu to Go To Folder and copy and paste the path below into the window and hit return):




Which particular virus or trojan do you think it has?

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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I use Avast Free for my MacBook Pro also.
vlogg5Author Commented:
Great answer Strung
Mac Virus scanners still mostly scan for Windows viruses.  I haven't found a Mac specific virus with any of those scanners yet, but I'm not a typical user that gets viruses in the first place. The Mac Scanners are good at telling me which Windows viruses exists on files that other people send me through email, so I don't pass them on to Windows users.

Your best bet is probably to check the startup items to remove the fake scanner.  You can find removal instructions when you search for the fake scanner name.

I would also check for rootkits.  <-- If Homebrew package manager is installed, you can just type brew install chkrootkit

Install ClamAV as a 2nd scanner.  ClamXAV is the Mac GUI wrapper to ClamAV and it's no longer free.
brew install clamav <-- home of HomeBrew

Here's a list of Mac Virus scanners and links to the reviews for each.,2817,2406379,00.asp

If you ever plan to pay money for a Mac virus scanner, you should go with ESET.  Mac Malware is appearing now, so your friend really should have a virus scanner.  The general population need to install one if only to reduce the transfer of viruses to Windows users.

The rootkit scanners scan for linux/unix style rootkits and don't really need to be run too often.
vlogg5Author Commented:
Thanks for the useful comments. I would like to have given you some points.
Justin BradshawOwnerCommented:
Sounds like you didn't actually get a virus. It's just adware. It might even just be a site that has code that keeps a pop up going constantly. I would force quit Safari and start it back up with a new session (say no when it asks to reopen windows). If that doesn't work, download the free tool Adware Medic.

Then, finally if both of those two things don't work, then get Avast. True viruses are still extremely rare to nonexistent on Mac. Adware is what most people get and think it's a virus.
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