File server and DFS shares questions

I have a question about NTFS permissions on the file servers that are part of DFS and replication groups. If the two servers are replication partners with having copies of directories on each server. So, for example SHARE1 is on Server01\SHARE1 and the copy on ServerClusterServer02\SHARE1

What happens if I add the NTFS permission to either copy of SHARE1? Will they get replicated from the server where I added NTFS permission? Is one server primary or secondary? Sorry I am not familiar with DFS replication. How would I add the NTFS permissions to shared folders that are replicated between two servers? I just want to make sure that they don't get overwritten or erased. Do I need to add it twice - once on each server or just once? Is there a preference which server should I add/modify permissions?

The name servers are different from what I am talking about. I am asking about file servers that are used as the folder targets and part of replication group

Server 1 - is a regular server
FileClusterServer 2 is a cluster server and actually all other servers FileServer3, 4, 5, 6 use the same FileClusterServer to have a replica of the share.

Thank you very much!
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
dfs uses hashes and whenever there is a change on 1 computer it notifies the other computer of the change.. the changes replicate. you only have to make the change once and it doesn't matter which machine you make the change on. if you where to make the change 2x it is unpredictable which change will eventually take effect.. it is supposed to be the latest change

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creative555Author Commented:
oh. Thank you so much. Do you know if the replication will brake if we move file servers individually to the target domain? THe DFS is using domain name such as and many file servers used as target folders and each file server has copy of share on the cluster server (both are in the replication groups). Would you be concerned with replication breaking and DFS stopping to work if we move one file server that is part of replication group to the target?
creative555Author Commented:
Thank you! This answers my question. :)
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