Norton Backup Exec -- external nas recommendations ?

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I currently run my 1TB Windows Server 2012 R2
Backup Exec job to LTO2 tapes which is OK, but
I want to switch to and external NAS since
I tested and it seems to work.

What external NAS do you
recommend for the above ?
    etc ?
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QNAP is better than Synology IMHO.  Both are similar in functions and reliable except for one important feature as a corporate NAS that made me choose QNAP over Synology.  I have both and find that the Synology (even with the newest) firmware have issues maintaining ISCSI connection (it doesn't reconnect).  When I start the Windows computer I have to reconnect to Synology ISCSI manually where the QNAP is automatic.  Not sure if they have this fixed already but QNAP for corporate use.  Synology for personal use.

I wouldn't bother with Netgear, etc.  The QNAP and Synology I have personal experience with and they have been reliable as a RAID NAS.  We now run all QNAP for NAS.

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