Norton Backup Exec 2012 -- reuse LTO tapes ?

finance_teacher used Ask the Experts™
I currently run my 1TB Windows Server 2012 R2
Backup Exec 2012 job to LTO2 tapes, put a 6mth OLD tape in,
open Backup Exec software, right click on the drive,
left click "Erase", then reuse the tape.

How can I setup Backup Exec so it
automatically erases all OLD records
without having to do the above daily ?
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Have you tried setting the data retention period?  If your data is older than the retention period then it will get overwritten without needing to erase the media first.

On the Devices tab, right click on your drive in question, select Inventory (or Erase, Eject or whatever you need)
When the next box opens with the options, simply set the schedule on the left for when you would like the feature to be run and you're done.
NinjaStyle82Systems Administrator
I think you can enable overwrite for disks after age beyond a configured value. Does this help?
For the backup jobs that start running this week, you edit each job's retention period. As those tapes are written, they will start to expire with the time allowing Backup Exec to delete and write over the tapes quicker.

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