releasing a system reource for XmlTextReader

I am working with a windows forms application.
I am working with some VB.Net code that has been audited by some auditing software. The auditing software has an issue  with the function below, and references line 37.  Can someone tell me what the problem might be here, and how I can fix it?

the function getFrmFromXML() in TrosiController.vb sometimes fails to release a system resource allocated by XmlTextReader() on line 37

33 Public Function getFrmFromXML(ByVal strVal As String, ByVal strNavPath As String) As String()

34  Dim retVal(4) As String
35  Try
36  Dim txtReader As System.Xml.XmlReader
37  txtReader = new XmlTextReader(strNavPath)
38  txtReader.Read()

39   While txtReader.Read()

40   Dim nType As XmlNodeType = txtReader.NodeType

41    'move to fist element
42    txtReader.MoveToElement()
43    If nType = XmlNodeType.Element Then
44    If txtReader.Name ="treeItem" Then
45        If (strVal = txtReader.GetAttribute(1)) Then
46          retVal(0) = txtReader.GetAttribute(0).ToString()
47          retVal(1) = txtReader.GetAttribute(1).ToString()
48          Exit While
49    End If
50   End If
51   End If
52   End While
53  Catch ex As Exception
54  Throw(ex)
55  End Try
56  return retVal
57  End Function
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Robert SchuttSoftware EngineerCommented:
I'm not sure how the auditing software determines this fact exactly but in general you can avoid such problems (and maybe the audit warning) with the Using statement:
            Using txtReader As System.Xml.XmlReader = New XmlTextReader(strNavPath)

                ' . . . your code . . .

            End Using

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brgdotnetcontractorAuthor Commented:
awesome, thanks.
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