Email backup and archive for a small business

I have no desire to ask a question that's already been answered, but I can't find a proper answer anywhere.

I'm the IT manager for a small construction company with 20 users.

Currently our email is IMAP (on PC's, iPhones, Blackberries & iPads) hosted by a local company with patchy archiving (relying on Outlook autoarchive which isn't reliable) and almost non-existent backup. (I've tried VVPro for backups but it relies on Outlook being closed. I've purchased and installed SafePSTbackup by 4Team but it's RUBBISH, totally unreliable and everything needs to be configured in plain text code.)
Our biggest user has a 15GB mailbox and the others are between 2 and 10GB.

I'm moving all email to Exchange online / Office 365, hosted by Microsoft.
(**That's email hosting only; our Office licences are ordinary Office 2010 and 2013 licences on our PC's).

I need a backup solution and I need an archiving solution.

I could just upgrade the Exchange hosting to include archiving (twice the cost, $8.80 per user per month instead of $4.40), but I've already "sold" the present cost point to my boss. (however he'd be reasonable if I explained the situation to him).
The weak point of that is that everything would still rely on that cloud server (Microsoft 365). If anything goes wrong, we don't have our own copy.
How can I get a backup copy that can be stored on the office NAS?

The mailbox size on this plan is 50GB max. Do I then need archiving? or could I just leave it all on the cloud and only store 12 months or so in the offline ost's?

What are my options?
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Robin CMSenior Security and Infrastructure EngineerCommented:

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TemodyPickalbatros, IT ManagerCommented:
I Faced this issue before
the best solution Acronis True image Home (for 20 User)
you can backup the PST or OST file full and incrementally Scheduled
as you like easy to use with many option
shutdown PC after backup mount backup file open backup file with out Extract etc...
p-platerAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I'm looking at these options.
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p-platerAuthor Commented:
Results so far:

Manual method via Outlook: This doesn't satisfy automatic backup needs. Also, it still isn't reliable. I tried this a few days ago, and when I tried to open the file, my Inbox was empty.

CodeTwo: This looks like it could be a viable option, $200/year shouldn't be a huge deal. I've asked some more detailed questions of the software vendor as to how it works, and I'll wait to hear back.

Cloudally: This would be more expensive, at $720/year for 20 users - that's too much.

Acronis TrueImage: I can't see the relevance. This is software that backs up the whole computer to an image, manually. Not an automatic email backup solution.
TemodyPickalbatros, IT ManagerCommented:
Here's the guide for email backup with acronis
Robin CMSenior Security and Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
If you do end up going down the CodeTwo route (and have time/remember!) please update this question with how you got on, what the install/setup and early reliability seems to be like.
p-platerAuthor Commented:
OK will do.
I'm intending to go with CodeTwo as it's the most cost effective option and seems very professional, I have installed the trial; however it only connects to Exchange (Not IMAP etc) therefore I can't actually test it until my Exchange mailboxes are provisioned.
I'll update this ticket in due course.
p-platerAuthor Commented:
Not happy with CodeTwo. It did one backup and never updated it. I will have to come back to this question after I return from holidays in two weeks. Apologies for anyone hoping for feedback from this question.
Robin CMSenior Security and Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
Thanks for the update. Have a great holiday!
I wonder what CodeTwo support have to offer on why their product isn't doing what it is supposed to?
p-platerAuthor Commented:
Just back - Will be looking at it soon
p-platerAuthor Commented:
I haven't got the time to come back to this, but Experts Exchange is forcing me to close the question. Sorry I can't post any helpful comment on how it turned out.
Robin CMSenior Security and Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
No probs, if you do get a chance to update this with your finding that'd be really helpful!
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