need to get DNS record resolved from external/public queries

Hello all and thanks for your time and expertise.
Here's my scenario:
- We have a public zone that ends in .org (for example  Anything we want accessible externally is located in this zone.  And the alias/cname for the www record is resolved to
- We also have an internal zone that ends in .info (for example

The is resolved internally.  However, it is not reachable externally and that's what my boss wants.
My question is what is the best way to go about this?  Is this even achievable in DNS.  I'm not sure.  Are we better off creating a link to from our main site.  Your recommendations and input are greatly appreciated.
pendal1IT ManagerAsked:
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Zephyr ICTCloud ArchitectCommented:
You want your internal domain to be resolvable from the outside?? Is it used in Active Directory? Unless you have a subdomain used in AD I wouldn't make the .info domain resolvable from the outside...

So depending on the setup of your internal network and how the domain name is used, the answer will be different.

If you just want a website to be reachable from the outside, that again is a little different and can be possible without too much impact, but it again depends on your setup.
pendal1IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Spravtek -  "If you just want a website to be reachable from the outside, that again is a little different and can be possible without too much impact..."  This is what I'm looking for.
- The zone only has three records:  the S0A, NS, and the www record so it's not doing much.    Thanks for your help.
Is it the same server resolving both the internal .info and the external .org? The most common way to do this is to have a separate server to serve the inside and the outside. On the outside server, the .info zone would only have www and NS listed.

But if that's all you have anyway, then what difference does it make? One problem would be if you are using NAT, because the inside and outside addresses would be different. In that case, you must use a 2nd server to host the outside

In many cases, you can have your domain registrar host some records for you- they have to have NS anyway, and you should be able to list a public address for www with them also.

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Zephyr ICTCloud ArchitectCommented:
Ok, so you have a website on your company network called and you want to make it available on the outside/Internet.

Now before we dive into this, you need to make sure that this webserver is secured, best put it in a DMZ and make sure if it ever would be hacked that it doesn't provide a way to your other systems.

So the website is available on the webserver on your network, to make it available on the Internet you need to have an external, preferably fixed, IP-address. Let's assume that your company has this and your company also has a firewall.

You can make this website available on the Internet by using your company's external fixed IP-address and port forwarding on your firewall, this means that when people look for your webserver via  name the DNS server will translate it to your company's external IP and will hit the firewall, the firewall will detect the traffic is coming in and needs to be forwarded to the webserver. (in very simplistic terms).

So, you need to configure your firewall as well as make sure that the external IP-address is connected with domain name so it translates correctly. You can either use your ISP or Registrar for it or another provider like AWS route53.

The external dns server needs an A-record with the fixed IP and a cname for the www-record.
The A record can be "www" so you don't need a CNAME for it on the outside.
pendal1IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for your time and input.  Much appreciated.
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