Redo Website - Angular or JQuery?

I've got an online service that I developed a number of years ago with a fair number of customers on it.  When I originally developed it - Flex/FlashBuilder RIA sites were in vogue - and that's what I developed it in.  I've been reluctant to rework it simply because I'm busy with other things - and it's still functional for it's purpose.  It's desktop - nobody worries about mobile for it - the fact it had a Flash based UI was sufficient for the time being.

However - as you know - that's changing.  So - I'm going to have to bite the bullet and rework the site.  I'd like some input on what to do it in.

Here's the general layout/functionality:

A, B and C are panels.
C is an accordion - which serves as a media bin with the accordions set by media type.
B & C are a lists of items collected via a RESTful API (delivered via JSON).

User selects media files from C and drags them to B, to append items to the list.  When items are dragged/dropped - the results are logged into a database via that same API.


I'd like to keep that drag/drop functionality - although if it turns out to be too big of a hassle I suppose I could just append buttons to the individual media file list items.

Given all that - if you were starting that out from a fresh perspective - would you do it via jQuery or Angular?

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Alexandre SimõesManager / Technology SpecialistCommented:
So there's no navigation out of this page?

If this is all there is, I would stick with the traditional jQuery/jQueryUI maybe for the drag&drop list items.

Angular seems too much for what you need, and Angular2 is coming out anyway :)
If you want to go a bit fancier you could use ReactJS but only if you really want to spoil yourself with something new.
Russ SuterSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
Angular will leverage the power of jQuery if you use them together. I've looked at Angular a bit but my websites use jQuery, jQuery UI, and Bootstrap and I've found that combination to be extremely effective for me. If you do it right you can use all of them together.

That way you can leverage the best of all worlds. Personally, I'd go with jQuery and Bootstrap for the community support and vast library of UI components pre-built for the platform.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
Or for that matter knockout or backbone?

I would use which ever you can use right now.   If there is a learning curve for angular and not for jquery, I would use jquery.  There are plug ins for just about everything you would want, if you use 1.x works with older ie if you want lighter weight use 2.x.

With jquery ui  you can certainly recreate any drag and drop function.

I would also suggest using for your core layout because it is a responsive grid.

I have used both and and there is a good learning curve for angular and personally I was not keen on how everything had to be an app.   The js library I am diving into next is react and I am determined to make a sample app built to run on parse.
Julian HansenCommented:
There is not a choice between the two. Angular is an MVC framework for your front end and JQuery is a framework for working with the DOM - they are not mutually exclusive and could be used together.

If you are new to Angular and you have a time constraint you might want to consider going with JQuery / JQueryUI especially if your interface is fairly straight forward.

Angular is useful if you have a complex UI that requires constant updating - if you are simply trapping events of dropping entries and AJAX'ing them back to the server you might do well to first do this without Angular and then re-evaluate as to whether moving to Angular will give you any returns. The fact that your site has survived this long without any updates suggests that changes are not frequent.

Without knowing more about the details of your site it is difficult to make a call on what is the best way forward. However, I am leaning toward the plain JQuery / JQueryUI.

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