Passing login credentials in data string

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Hi guys,

As the title suggests, is this possible? If I switch credentials on I cannot view my parameters. I want to have the following text boxes:


Initially I had Integrated Security = SSPI in the connection string but I want to use that and use the credentials the user enters in the parameters textbox?

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Senior Developer
Well, this makes management more complex. First of all you need to switch your server to mixed authentication. Then you need to create a login for each SQL user. Then you need to create a user for the login in each database the user should access.


Ok we now have a user setup in the database that we need to access. For the credentials if I select to use windows authentication then use input parameters for the server address and database name then it all logs in fine. However if in the credentials area I select 'prompt user' and enter my windows credentials, then enter the server address and database name it does not allow me access. So is windows authentication doing something i'm not aware of?
ste5anSenior Developer

This "credential area" is for SQL Authentication only. Windows Authentication is based on your user account and its login information. You don't need to provide your credentials again.

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