Error 1316 when removing Access 2003 Runtime

On a Windows 2008 Server, I have Microsoft Office 2003 Standard installed. Also installed is Access 2003 Runtime.
I'm upgrading to Office 2010 Standard, and planning to install Access 2010 Runtime.

My first step is to remove Access 2003 Runtime. I've tried this several ways, and it keeps failing:
1) Via Control Panel, Programs and Features, Uninstall
2) Select Control Panel, Programs and Features, Change, then selecting Uninstall from the Access Setup options.
3) Selecting the Access 2003 Runtime MSI, then selecting Uninstall from the Access Setup options.
4) Installing MS Fixit and letting that uninstall it.

The usual fail message is "Error 1316: The specified account already exists"
Note that I've tried this on different clones of the original server.

Is there some better way of removing it? Could there be possibly some security or Group Policy setting that stops removal of programs. The servers I'm looking at are all terminal servers, so I wonder would there be any setting there that could interfere.
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Since Access full and runtime are BOTH named MSAccess.exe, unless you specifically installed them in separate directories, you probably have only the full version installed.

Clearly due to the confusion, I would not recommend installing the runtime if you have the full product for the same version.  You can always simulate the runtime by naming the .accdb/.accde as .accdr or for earlier versions, creating a shortcut and adding the /runtime switch to tell Access to pretend to be the runtime version.

In fact, if you install multiple versions of Access/Office, best practice is to use a Virtual PC to keep them completely isolated.

On your user's computers,  ONLY install the runtime if they don't have a full version that will run your app and be very careful to install it in a separate runtime directory.
jdhackettAuthor Commented:
I don't have multiple versions of Office. I want to remove 2003 before installing 2010. But the uninstall of Access 2003 runtime is failing. Programs and Features clearly have Access 2003 Runtime and Office Standard 2003 listed separately, The full version of Access is not installed.

To summarise - I just want to find a way to remove Access 2003 runtime from the server.
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
Sometimes removing Ms Access 2003 runtime is not an easy task...Probably you have installed Ms Access runtime under a different account and so there are some "problems" when you try to uninstall....
I have faced the specific condition with different error messages but with the same inability to remove...
So the solution is
download Windows Installer Cleanup Tool .... I know is not supported and is obsolete but i haven't found another way...
Run the cleanup ....and remove the Ms Access Runtime...
Reinstall the Runtime under the account you use...
Normally this time will uninstall with out issues....

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jdhackettAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that tsgiannis. Your last step is "Reinstall the Runtime under the account you use". Do you mean I should reinstall Access 2003 runtime then? And after that, run Uninstall and then install Access 2010 runtime?
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
As i said the runtime was installed probably under a different account....than the one you use
Cleanup utility will remove runtime but will leave leftovers....
So we perform an initial cleanup to allow us to reinstall the runtime and we perform an installation again of runtime in order to uninstall completely
jdhackettAuthor Commented:
Clenaup tool worked a treat.
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