How do I look an Excel Spreadsheet except for a specific range of cells

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Hi Experts,
I need help locking my Excel 2013 spreadsheet, so that users do not mess up my formulas.
I only want to give them access to the following range of cells:

Can this be done?  If so, how?

Thank you very much in advance,
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Follow these steps.....

* Select all the cells in the sheets by pressing Ctrl + A.
* Right click on one of the selected cells and choose Format Cells.
* On the format cell window, go to Protection Tab.
* Make sure checkbox before Locked is checked.
* Now select the cells B6:C11 and hold down the Ctrl key and select J6:J11.
* Right click on any of these selected cells and choose Format cells again.
* Go to Protection Tab and uncheck the box next to Locked and close the format window.
* Now on Ribbon, go to Review Tab and click on Protect Sheet.
*Provide the password of your choice and confirm the password when prompted.

These steps will lock your sheet so a user cannot access any cell on the sheet except the range B6:C11 and J6:J11.

Hope this help.

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