Oracle Financial Vs SAP Simple Finance

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What is the difference between Oracle Financial and SAP Simple Finance.
Are they the same applications?
Does this take care of capital markets domain?
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they are definitely not the same products.  Oracle and SAP are rivals.  They are competing applications.

I'm not sure what you're trying to ask  when you say "take care of capital markets domain"
At a broader level, there are notable functionality and cost differences between SAP and Oracle.  From the standpoint of just the financial modules though, both are going to provide solid finance capabilities.

There are also considerations regarding how the technology will be managed (are you installing in-house, are you installing and managing at a third party or are you purchasing a software-as-a-service version of either platform).

At a base level, both are going to provide solid general ledger, cost accounting and financial functionality.

Your bigger decisions will hinge around:
-Do you have many specific requirements that will require system customization?
-Do you plan to use other modules of either system (Sales and Distribution, Materials Management, Purchasing, etc)?
-Who is going to manage the technology stack?
-Are you more comfortable making an up-front investment or following a pay-as-you-go model?
-What other systems are you going to integrate with, and which of these systems have pre-integration with either SAP or Oracle?

So, at a base level both are proven Enterprise Resource Planning systems with financial modules used by thousands of companies. The complexity will come in third party integration, system customization and in incorporating non-finance functionality.


Is SAP Simple Finance a mix of Accounting (SAP FICO), Treasury (SAP TRM), Risk & Compliance, Banking and Insurance solutions.

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