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hi expert
i need explanation of meaning of WIFI WDS
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In a nutshell WiFi WDS is a feature supported by multiple Wireless access points in this day and age. It allows for single-radio acccess points to be wirelessly connected instead of needing a legacy hard wired connection for communication.

WDS connections normally work off MAC addresses. WDS can also be used in 2 modes Wireless Bridging and Wireless Repeating.

The major disadvantage to using WDS is the wireless speed could be in half due to the number of hops increasing.


@Roshan Ejaz
i trying to config AP with WDS (repeater) but it's not work until i connect the Lan Cable
as i understood it should work as repeater with out Lan Cable
Sorry if misunderstood
TemodyPickalbatros, IT Manager
Yes you will need to connect it with cable but you will have 2 AP with same Name
the is Great feature for WDS

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