Suppress Section if Field is Null

      I have a report that is grouped by Customer, then Engine Program, then Part Number. I would like to suppress everything for the Engine Program and Part Number sections if the Engine Program field is null. In other words I only want to see results if there is a value in the Engine Program field. Can this be done.
I have attached a copy of the report in case it helps.

Thank you
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If the engine field is null you won't get  a group for it.  It is automatically suppressed.

Nontheless CR might react irregular on dbNull values ... and besides of that it ist probably more self-documenting to cast that behaviour into some formula.

In the formatting formula "suppess section" of the two sections you could enter:

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That would suppress these sections when "engine" is dbNull without CR freaking out on the value. (the field name might differ in your report ... :)

Furthermore you could insert another section telling "No engine defined" and garnish that with a suppress formula
not IsNull({engine})

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to inform the reader about the condition (that behaviour can't be realized with the default outlined by mlmcc ...).
It's been a while, but, contrary to what mlmcc said, I don't think CR suppresses a group if the field is null (I'm pretty sure I've seen a report with a group for a null field).  I would hate to think that CR would just remove a whole group from the report because the group field was null.

 The "Engine Program" field that you're referring to is tcspnm.pohspec, correct?

 Is pohspec actually null, or is it just blank?  Those are two different things.  In your example report, that field is sometimes blank, but it's never null.

 What do you want to "suppress"?

 If you want to get rid of the entire group, including the details, the simplest thing would be to go into the record selection formula and add

and {tcspnm.pohspec} <> ""

 That's assuming that the field is actually blank, not null.

 If the field actually can be null at times (not just blank), you could add

and not IsNull ({tcspnm.pohspec})

 That will remove any records where pohspec is blank (or null in the second case) from the report completely, so they won't be included in any summaries either.

 For the record, instead of using the record selection formula, you could suppress the desired sections when the field was blank (or null), but then the report would still be reading those records and they would be included in any summaries.

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daskas27Author Commented:
Ok, what if I did not want to suppress it but have a label like "UnKnown" instead of the blank if the the tcspnm.pohspec field is blank or null ?
Ok, what if I did not want to suppress it but have a label like "UnKnown" instead of the blank if the the tcspnm.pohspec field is blank or null ?
I've outlined that in my first response ... you create a separate section with only that text "Unknown" in it.

In the suppression formula of the "regular" section you use

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which suppresses that section if that fiels is dbNull. If you want to catch blank strings too, you could use
isNull(tcspnm.pohspec}) or (trim({tcspnm.pohspec}) = "")

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For the "irregular" section to be displayed if tcspnm.pohspec carried dbNull (or a blank string ...) you enter  the respective negated condition
not isNull({tcspnm.pohspec})

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not (isNull(tcspnm.pohspec}) or (trim({tcspnm.pohspec}) = ""))

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Quite simple, isn't it ?

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If you have a record but a field is NULL then frankhelk's method will work since the group will show as nothing.

My comment was thinking along the lines of joined tables where since there was no engine number the rest would also be null.

frankhelk's ideas should work, but if you simply want to change the displayed value for tcspnm.pohspec, there are simpler solutions.

 It seems that the field is actually blank, instead of null, but you can go ahead and check for both.  Create a formula like the following (call it whatever you like):

if IsNull ({tcspnm.pohspec}) or {tcspnm.pohspec} = "" then

 If there is more than one pohspec for a customer and you want the "blank" one first, just put that formula in the pohspec group header, instead of the group name.

 Or, you could change the group to use that formula, instead of the pohspec field, and then the "blank" pohspec will be replaced with "UnKnown", and you'll get an "UnKnown" group at the end of the customer.

daskas27Author Commented:
Thanks to all.
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