Office 2013 Activation Issues

We have a brand new HP laptop that we purchased with a license for Office 2013 Professional. When installing, it asked for the key, which we input, and signed into our Microsoft account. Software installed and was fully activated; all was well.

A few days later the user is requesting us to look at the machine because Office is deactivated and it's asking him to activate automatically, or via phone. No worries, we remote in and automatic activation fails. We perform phone activation and it completes without issue. All is well again.

A few days after that we get an identical ticket to the last one. This time I perform a full repair of the installation and fully reactivate it from the ground up. Once again, automatic activation works and he is off and running.

Today Office 2013 Pro was deactivated again, and at this point the user is frustrated. What we have found between all of these scenarios is that Office seems to deactivate whenever he boots the machine without an internet connection. Office will be active, we disable the internet connection, reboot, and Office is now deactivated again. While still offline, I ran the phone activation wizard and it completed successfully. We rebooted offline a few more times and it did not deactivate. Previously, it would take a few days for it to run into problems again.

Has anyone experienced anything similar with O2013Pro? This is a nagging issue that I would like to close out once and for all.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Here is what I see for a computer (of mine) with my license for Office 2013. If the computer is off for several days, I have to confirm my license. I do not have to repair or reactivate - just confirm my email address (so then confirm my description).  

On my computer with the same license (I can have 5 in total), I start with an Internet connection most of the time. If I start without an internet connection, I plug in my rocket stick and get internet that way. But my Office is always activated.

Ask your client to start with an internet connection at all times. It is not much to ask these days.

Also, call Microsoft Store Support. Either they should tell you how to keep activated or how to use different licenses for each machine.

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Scott GorcesterCTOCommented:
Have you checked to see that you are using a MAK and not a KMS key? For the scenario you are discussing I would assume you should be using a MAK key. Also curious if the computer is having any profile load problems. Have you checked the event logs? Also might choose telephone activation and call in to get an activation code from the, of course if the PC is losing this information there may be something else going on.

dstewart83161Author Commented:
Internet connection was causing the problem.  Thanks Microsoft for putting out such a great product that lack of internet connection can cause it to lose its authenticity.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@dstewart83161 - Thanks for the update and I was happy to help.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
By the way, many vendors (not just Microsoft) put their programmers in cubby holes divorced from reality, give them a high speed connection and then tell them that the whole world has 100.0% internet all the time. Much of the problem with Windows 8 nightmares can be directly traced to no internet. No interne = Windows 8 breaks. Windows 10 seems to have corrected that for the most part.
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