need windows xp machines

Hello all,
i was wondering if there is any supplier who can supply us with 10 desktops with windows XP machines.
couldn't find any, any suggestions ?

PS: please don't preach why i should be thinking of upgrading. we will soon, but currently we need 10 windows XP machines ASAP.

Thank you
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Scott GorcesterCTOCommented:
I beleive you have the right to run XP if you purchase machines with Windows 7 or 8.1 but you most likely will have to install XP yourself. Are you looking for new or used systems, laptops or PC's?

Scott GorcesterCTOCommented: and ebay list used machines with XP installed.


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Da_Ch0senAuthor Commented:
amazon and eBay , all sellers are selling one machine at a time.
i would like to have 10 machines from one supplier, in one shipment.

we have a custom built software that only runs on windows XP.
and we are currently in the process of upgrading it. but till that finishes. we need those machines to run.

if all failed, i will buy them individually from ebay users.

Thanks in advance
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Scott GorcesterCTOCommented:
yes I see your problem. What about simply ordering systems from a major supplier with Win7 licenses and installing XP on your own. I beleive current windows license allows for downgrade rights.
I can check this for you tomorrow.

Da_Ch0senAuthor Commented:
if we can simply downgrade to windows xp with no extra cost, that would be great
waiting your reply tomorrow,

thank you
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
If you search on e-bay for "computers - bulk" you'll find several lots of 5-10 (or even more) computers.    However, these generally don't have any OS -- and in some cases no installed hard drive ...  so you'd have to finish the configuration and loading.

On the other hand, there are plenty of older Dell Dimension 2400, 3000, 4500 models with XP already loaded, but as you noted they are individual sellers, so you'd have to buy several and there would be some configuration differences.

If you're planning to move to more modern systems, have you considered buying newer systems and putting loading 10 identical XP virtual machines (e.g. Using VMware Player) on all of them?    This would give you 10 identically configured XP "machines", with the advantage that you could easily move them to any system you needed them on ... and should work just fine unless you have some custom hardware device that your software requires.
Besides, if you buy windows 7 pro (or ultimate) PC's, you can use XP mode on them which is free. It is the same approach as gary's VM suggestion above, but you don't need to look around for XP licenses. XP mode can also be converted to VMware Player or Workstation (The non-free version of VMware Player is also allowed in businesses). With VMware you have better hardware support for the VM's than with VirtualPC, under which XP mode runs.
Da_Ch0senAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

no proper help
There was proper support, but no proper feedback from asker.
Da_Ch0senAuthor Commented:
Actually this issue was resolved, but none of the contributors helped.
I would refuse to provide points and mark as answered to a question that is not answered.
it costs me nothing and would save me time and hassle, but this is not answered.
and if someone else looked for this question. he would not have his issue resolved so i don't want him to find it as answered.

I asked for a vendor (name and contact info) that i can buy machines from.

I got suggestions of how i can work around current machines to make them run windows XP, I got suggestions for VM Ware, i got suggestions to check on eBay.

I am an IT administrator and i am aware of all of these options. I am aware that eBay exist and i can look for bulk desktop machines. I love EE and i truly thank all the contributors who were helping. but i found a vendor who sold me the machines already, so i thought it is best to delete and close this question.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
While you didn't use the suggestions, anyone who has a similar issue in the future may indeed be helped by the suggestions r.e. Amazon's used systems or e-bay.      If you don't like the idea of "awarding" those suggestions, then you could add a comment that provides the name and contact info for the vendor where you found the pre-configured XP systems, just in case somebody else has a similar need in the future -- and then ask that your comment be accepted as the solution rather than deleting the question.
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