LTO6 -- backup speed ?
shows that LTO-6 has a Max uncompressed speed
of 160 MB/s, therefore the entire LTO-6 2.5 TB
tape would take about 4.3 hours to complete
1.  Can I assume I will get that "FULL BACKUP" speed
when no users are on my Dell PowerEdge T630
which has 10k RPM 2.5" SAS RAID10 drives
on a PERC 730 controller running
Windows 2012 R2 & Backup Exec 2015 ?

2. If not, what DAS/etc do you recommend
so I can do a "FULL BACKUP to disk"
in under 10 hours ?
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Thomas RushCommented:
1) You probably can't get 160MB/sec of continuous performance from your server.  
2) It's very difficult to get a single disk array to give you 160MB/sec of streaming data, without it costing a lot of money, particularly under Windows with its typical arrangement of deeply nested directories and large proportion of small and tiny files.

If you're buying a Dell tape drive, I recommend you see what kind of tools Dell has to test tape drive performance, and see if you can use them to test system read speed.  One night when nobody's on the system, run a test of the entire data set, and see what performance you get.  (I recommend HP's tape drives over Dell's, because HP has a better adaptive write speed methodology... and HP has a free program called Library and Tape Tools (herehere) that will do the disk read test you need)
That read test will give you an upper limit for how fast your backup could go; it's possible that Backup Exec may be running on a slow machine and not able to give you that level of performance.

Depending on how many disks are in your array, you might be able to get better backup performance by having a backup job with multiple readers -- but I don't think Backup Exec can do this.  HP Data Protector does.  This feature allows you to have two or more processes pulling data at the same time; if you have enough (and fast enough) disks, it can boost your performance significantly.

The other suggestion, which will probably require you to invest in an additional disk array (although it need not be a fast array) is to use a backup application that supports an Incremental Forever with Synthetic Full Backup scheme.  Using this, we do one full backup to disk (which may exceed your backup window, but it's a one-time thing).  After that, we do only incremental backups, which should be very quick (typically 10% of the data of a full backup, and thus 10% of the time of a full backup).  Periodically we run the command to create a "synthetic full backup" -- i.e., to create on tape a backup that contains exactly the same files as if we'd done a full backup at that time, but the files come from the files we've backed up as part of our Incremental Forever plan, not from our production disks, so it doesn't affect the users or applications at all.  I think Backup Exec does this; I know HP Data Protector does.

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