Word 2003 form in 2010

Two different users. They both save the 2093 form to their desktop. I haven't been able to talk to the person yet for whom the form works fine just the one who is having problems.

Looks like she is opening in enabling editing and also macros. Saves it on her desktop. But rather than being able to complete the form when she clicks  a checkbox she has only the option to modify and she can't really just fill in the box. This may sound silly but when she enables editing is that the problem?

Because it's a form should she not enable editing and just fill out the form and save as? Is enabling editing also unlocking the form properties? It sure looks like it. I don't really work too much with word forms
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To use a Forms document, it needs to be protected for forms. To chage the design, it must be unprotected.
Protection is set via the 'Developer' tab, 'Protect Document' button -  then in the 'Restrict Formatting and Editing' panel: 'Editing restrictions' dropdown, 'Filling in forms' item, 'Yes, Start Enforcing Protection button'.
If can be removed vis the 'Stop Protection' button in the panel.
MrSlithyAuthor Commented:
Ok. That makes sense. The second person is getting her instructions over the phone but the first person  has not said anything about having to turn on protection.

The second person so where's the document she is opening his copy of same document the first person opens, and just so wouldn't have protection be turned on by default why does it appear at this point anyway to be turned on by default for the one user but not for the other?? But I will definitely look into it.

Thank you
Protection should stay turned on or off unless it is manually changed or some automation process changes it.
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MrSlithyAuthor Commented:
Your protection is turned on normally. So it should be working. It's a 2003 form that 2010 is opening in compatibility mode, but this is the same thing that's happening on the other users computer for the form functions normally.

I've gone in and look at the form properties and it looks like everything is correct (i.e. this is a functioning form that should work as expected)

The other user is unavailable. For me, I can take the same document it opens up the same way and I have it on my desktop, I can right click and say a checkbox field and tell her to check the box and it works. When she does it this same action makes that particular object disappear in her document.

So now I'm questioning it on several level.  shouldn't mouse action all that is needed to turn on or turn off a checkbox or to click in a field and start typing. I can go in and modify properties in set it from unchecked checked and it puts a check in the box but that's not actually filling out the form as it was meant to be is it?

And when she does this she can't even get that much done.  Like I said.  The object being acted on with your checkbox or any other type of field just disappears

Thanks for the help it's the little things like this drive me nuts.
MrSlithyAuthor Commented:
I'm Having the user do for repair of office from control panel and see if that does anything.
If that doesn't work, there is some more troubleshooting help in this Microsoft article


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MrSlithyAuthor Commented:
No dice on the repair. The document you reference I've already looked at but have not really gotten to yet. I guess I'll go there

I have the source on the form for from the company intranet so I'll start there and work my way back I guess.
It might help if we could see the document to make sure that we have properly interpreted your description of it.
MrSlithyAuthor Commented:
It's in HR form in use that I'm not too sure if I should share publicly but I'll check. You know how that goes.

I'll be out of the loop for several days. Please don't take that to mean that I drop this and all your help. Personal things.
MrSlithyAuthor Commented:
I solve this problem by uninstalling office and reinstalling. I had run the repair function and that didn't take care of it but the complete uninstall and reinstall all seem to have done it. So it might be in an update that cabinet somewhere that got finished in the reinstall the problem is fixed. I don't know. But it's fixed
MrSlithyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for sticking with me
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