SBS 2008 and 30 users rotation computers

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In our office we have a SBS 2008 server, and about 30 computers. Most of the users need to use different computers every day. I have one main issue with that way of work:

1. If this is the first user login on this computer Outlook must be configured manually to the exchange server.

Is there any way, that I can automate this ?
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With outlook versions 2007 and above it should be a case of just clicking next on the setup wizard.  The information should be pulled from the users account.

What office versions are you running?

There is always OWA if needed.  You could use group policy to push a shortcut to the desktops - Although it isn't ideal.
Cris HannaSr IT Support Engineer
Although this probably takes as much time as setting up Outlook, if you ran http://connect (might be connectcomputer for SBS2008) instead of just logging on, it should configure Outlook for that user.

There is also an option to run connect on the PC and setup for multiple users


Ok, it seems that there is no really a solution for this :).

Thank you for your help

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