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Say, in the attached document, we are looking for an automated way of printing this on an A4 page, in portrait, but 2 way ie  the document should be duplicated twice on the A4 such that we can cut it in half and have 2 A5 flyers as in the attached pdf sample. How can we automate this process? The Word document is also not exactly half the height of the A4 document. How can we ensure that we edit it to be half the height, ie the canvas that we work in  should be such that it is half the height. I thought of using a text box and one would have to move all inner borders to maximise the work area. Kindly set up the document such that our work area is the maximum space that we can work in so that we can print an A5 flyer on 1 A4 page, duplicated at the top and bottom. We are not locked into using only Word but can use any of the other Microsoft products in the Office stable.
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Please see attached. Is this what you are looking for?

Here's the automated version. The top part has a bookmark on every line. The bottom part has a table with a cross-reference to each bookmark. After you make your changes to the top part, select Ctrl+A to highlight the whole document. Then press F9. This will refresh all the fields in the table.


Hi, Tx - this automated option is great.
1. Please can you give steps on how to set this up as have more than one doc like this.
2. Is it setup to to be exactly half the height ie A5 size? When editing it would work out well if the canvas is defined - can a text box work?
3. A feint line is needed at half the height as a guide for the guilotine cut.
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My apologizes. I was called out of town unexpectedly. In answer to bullet 1, start by highlighting the first row of the original ( top) document. Then go to the insert tab and select Bookmark - Add. Select a name (I used Line1) and press Add. Do the same for all the rows below, changing the name of each bookmark. Next, copy your header and paste it below the last line of the top document. Select the row below that, go to the Insert tab and select Table - Insert Table. Select One column and the number of rows contained in the top document. In this case, it was 21 rows. Once your table is created, select the first row, go to the Insert tab and select Cross-reference. In reference type select "Bookmark", Insert reference to should be set to "Bookmark text and the Insert as Hyperlink checkbox is unchecked. In For which bookmark, select "Line1" (Or whatever you named your first bookmark.) Go to the second row of your table and repeat the above, changing each bookmark as you go. When you're finished, select Ctrl+A to highlight the whole document and the press F9, which will update the fields. The rows in your table should mirror your top document rows. Highlight the table handle (Small box, upper left-hand corner of table), right-click and select Table Properties. Under the Table tab select Borders and Shadings. This is where you remove the lines of the table.

Bullet 2 - In Page Layout, the paper size is set to A4. This should give you the dimensions of the document and what appears on the screen should appear on print. You may have to make minor adjustments to get it set properly.

Bullet 3 - Not exactly sure what a feint line is, but if you need a reference line to cut the document, you can use a text box with a dashed line inside. See attached.

I hope this answers your questions. Again, sorry for making you wait.


Thank you for the detailed instructions and for the sample. This looks very involved. I was hoping one could use for example a label to set to A5 size and print 2 labels per A4 Page. This way, one will have an A5 defined canvas and know the maximum space that one can work in and it will automatically print 2 on 1 page. Is this doable? Are you able to set this up? Thanks.
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On a page of A4 size, insert a table that is 1 column wide and two rows tall. As you have suggested, labels use a table format, this is just a table with only two "labels".

Set the margins as small as possible and set the row heights to 14.1cm and set the option for exactly (Table - layout - Properties - Row Height).

Default table inserted will have lines all round, you can get rid of the borders and show the Gridlines so that you can see your working space. You can set the border between the rows to a pale grey or dotted line so you have a guide for cutting.

You can then fill the table as required with text and images. Copied from your original document but may not have pasted quite the same, see attached.

If you want multiple alignments on the same line, you can use tabs (ctrl + tab to insert within a table, just tab goes to the next cell) to align text or you could split the cells into multiple rows and columns and re-merge if required to get the layout required.

Another option would be to use PowerPoint. You can create an A5 page document and when you print you can tell it to print on A4 and include two copies per page.

Rob H


Tx - can you set this up in power point for us


Say can anyone set this up in Powerpoint?

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